Jane Van Galen, Ph.D.


Room: UW2-218
Phone: 425-352-5332
Box: 358531

Academic Interests

Dr. Van Galen's research focuses on social class and social mobility through education.  Most recently, she has focused on ways in which new forms of participatory digital media enable the inclusion of more voices in deliberations about civic and cultural life.  She is currently guest editing a special issue of the journal Excellence and Equity in Education on bridging new digital divides in uses of social media as a means of supporting civic engagement and agency.

Recent Courses Taught (Selected):

BEDUC 320: Education and Society
BEDUC 325: The Dream Project
BEDUC 417: Families, Communities, and Schools (Preservice)
BEDUC 425: Professional Practice Seminar
BEDUC 427: Reflection on Professional Practice
BEDUC 437: Technology in EducationBEDUC 491: New Literacies for Digital Learning
BEDUC 455: Meanings and Realities of Inequality
BEDUC 501: Inquiry in Education
BEDUC 522: Education and the American Dream
BEDUC 555: Families, Communities, and Schools (Graduate)
BEDUC 565: Technology in Education
BEDUC 567: Telling our Stories as Teachers: Digital Storytelling and Teacher Reflection
IAS 300: Community Engagement and Participatory Media

Professional Activities

American Education Research Association
Phi Delta Kappa
American Educational Studies Association
Working Class Studies Association
Association of Working Class Academics

Honors and Awards

  • 2013 - UWB Worthington Innovation Award: Digital Bridges: Connected Learning in Teacher Education (with Allison Hintz)
  • 2010 - UWB Worthington Technology Endowment Award:   Digital Tools for Literacy: Utilizing Mobile Technologies to Impact Teacher Knowledge and Increase Student Learning (With Antony Smith).  $9,956.
  • 2009 - State Farm Youth Advisory Board Award,  The UWB Dream Project.  $36,000. (Co-written with Dream Project students)
  • 2006 - Worthington Scholar Award, University of Washington, Bothell
  • Worthington Scholar Award, University of Washington Bothell 2004 & 2001
  • Annual Teaching Award, Assoc of Students of University of Washington Bothell, 2004
  • Royalty Research Fund Award, University of Washington, 2000
  • Goals 2000 Pilot Project for Model Curriculum Development in Preservice Teacher Education. Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1997
  • Research Professorship Award. Youngstown State University, 1991
  • University Research Council Grant, Youngstown State University, 1987
  • Research Professorship Award, Youngstown State University, 1987
  • Teaching Fellowship, Outstanding Teaching Assistant, University of North Carolina, 1985


Ph.D. Sociology of Education, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
M.Ed. Special Education, Eastern Kentucky University
B.S. Education, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


  • Founding Director, Education Program, University of Washington Bothell
  • Associate Professor, Youngstown State University
  • Teaching Assistant, The University of North Carolina
  • Teacher, Special Education North Carolina and Kentucky Public Schools

Selected Publications and Presentations

Van Galen, J. (2014). Mediated Stories of Educational Mobility: Digital Stories in Teacher Education. Book chapter in J. Flores Carmona and K. Luschen (eds). Crafting Critical Stories: Toward Pedagogies and Methodologies of Collaboration, Inclusion, and Voice. Peter Lang Publishers

Van Galen, J. (2014). Introduction to the Special Issue: New Media Literacies, New Digital Divides, and Educational Access. Equity and Excellence in Education, 47, 1.

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Book Series Editor:

Mobility Studies in Education.   Sense Publishers.

Professional Presentations: International

Van Galen, J.  (2011).  No,  I never tell my story:  Social Class, Mobility and Teacher Education.  International Conference on Digital Storytelling, Lillehammer, Norway. 

Recent Professional Presentations: National

Van Galen, J. (2015). Blogging and conversations around excellence in teaching. Panelist, the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, Atlanta.

Van Galen, J. (2013). Digital Bridges: Participatory Media and Foundations Courses. American Educational Studies Association, Baltimore.

Van Galen J. (2013). Panelist: edTPA: Friere or Foucault? American Educational Studies Association, Baltimore.

Van Galen, J. (2011)  Reframing Retention: Mentoring and Leadership Development in the UWB Dream Project.  American Education Research Association, New Orleans.

Van Galen, J.  (2011). Working Class Students and the Participation Divide: Learning in Participatory Culture.  Working Class Studies Association, Chicago.

Van Galen, J.  (2011).  An Excellent Teacher in Every Classroom:  Digital Divides in Participatory Culture.  American Educational Studies Association, St. Louis. 

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Van Galen, J.  (2010).   Mediated narratives of social class.  American Education Resesarch Association, Denver.