Pamela Bolotin Joseph, Ph.D.

Principal Lecturer


Room: UW2-313
Phone: 425-352-3176
Box: 358531

Academic Interests

Pamela Joseph's scholarship is in the areas of curriculum studies, the teaching profession, and the moral dimensions of teaching. She is currently studying holistic and transformative moral education in teacher education. 

Teaching Activities

  • B EDUC 250 - Topics in Education and Popular Culture
  • B EDUC 315 - History of Education in the United States
  • B EDUC 460 - Moral Dimensions of Education
  • B EDUC 504 - Theories of Organizational Change and School Reform
  • B EDUC 557 - Curriculum Studies

University Activities

  • Senator, University of Washington Faculty Senate 2014-2017
  • Chair, General Faculty Organization 2012-2013
  • Vice Chair, General Faculty Organization 2011-2012
  • Member, Executive Council 2007-2013

Professional Activities

  • American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies
  • Lives of Teachers Special Interest Group AERA
  • Moral Education Association
  • Moral Development and Education Special Interest Group of AERA
  • Peace Education Special Interest Group of AERA
  • Phi Delta Kappa

Honors and Awards

  • Dissertation Year Fellowship, Northwestern University
  • Elected to Professors of Curriculum
  • American Association of University Professors Courage in Pursuit of Excellence in Washington State Higher Education


Ph.D. Social Studies Education, Northwestern University
M.A.T. History and Education, Northwestern University
B.A. American Culture, Lawrence University


  • Core Faculty & Chair, Master of Arts in Education Program, Antioch University, Seattle
  • Senior Associate, Center for Educational Renewal, University of Washington Seattle
  • Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, National-Louis University
  • Lecturer, History of Education, Northwestern University
  • Instructor, Educational Foundations, Northeastern Illinois University
  • Teacher, Social Studies and Language Arts, Arlington Heights Illinois
  • Teacher, History, Chicago Public High Schools

Selected Publications and Presentations

Pamela Bolotin Joseph. (2019). Cultivating Moral Imagination in Teacher Education. In E. Campbell & K. Wang (Eds.), Professional Ethics and the Moral Work of Teaching: Western Contemporary Research. Fuzhou, China: Fujian Education Press.

Pamela Bolotin Joseph. (2016). Ethical Reflections on Becoming Teachers. Journal of Moral Education, 45 (1), 31-45.

Pamela Bolotin Joseph & Edward Mikel. (2014). Transformative Moral Education: Challenging an Ecology of Violence. Journal of Peace Education. 11 (3), 317-333.

Pamela Bolotin Joseph. (2012). Disrupting the Utilitarian Paradigm: Teachers Doing Curriculum Inquiry. In J. Faulkner, Disrupting Pedagogies and Teaching the Knowledge Society: Countering Conservative Norms with Creative Approaches. (pp. 290-302) Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Pamela Bolotin Joseph (Ed.) (2011). Cultures of Curriculum, Second Edition. New York: Routledge. (In the Studies in Curriculum Theory Series, William F. Pinar, Editor).

Pamela Bolotin Joseph & Leslie Smith Duss. (2009). "Teaching a Pedagogy of Peace: A Study of Peace Educators in United States' Schools in the Aftermath of September 11." Journal of Peace Education, 6(2), 189-207.

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Pamela Bolotin Joseph. (2003). Teaching about the Moral Classroom: Infusing the Moral into Teacher Education. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 31 (1), 7-20.

Pamela Bolotin Joseph & Gail E. Burnaford (Eds.) (2001). Images of Schoolteachers in America (2nd ed.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.