The SPOT is about to be launched! Please stay tuned.

The SPOT is a student-driven center on campus that provides a motor for dialogue, conversations and activities related personal and social change. While The SPOT is student-driven, we value collaboration amongst students, faculty, staff, and the community outside of the traditional campus boundaries. SPOT TV, SPOT Radio, The Creative SPOT and The SPOT Community Forum are some of the networks we employ in order to work through pressing questions of diversity, difference, inclusion and community.

The SPOT is a place for:

  • Workshops
  • Club meetings
  • Media Production
  • Group study
  • Building community
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Whatever you need - tell us your interests!

Contact: Anthony Kelley,


THE SPOT: Our Vision
Increasing the enrollment and retention of historically under-represented students is one of the 21st Century Campus Initiatives for the University of Washington Bothell. One component of achieving that goal is to insure that students from diverse backgrounds have a collaborative environment that supports their educational achievement.

The SPOT (Students in Partnership for Organized Transformation) fosters a campus community that is inclusive of all students by:
•    Assisting in the recruitment of under-represented students throughout the state
•    Identifying strategies to effectively retain under-represented students, especially those considered to be most at-risk of dropping or stopping out
•    Partnering with all support services on campus to identify clear pathways for student referrals for academic support, student development, and other success-driven programs
•    Serving as a catalyst for cross-campus collaboration among students, faculty, and staff
•    Contributing to a positive campus climate through organizing and sponsoring programs and events that bring the campus closer together as a community
•    Providing a space for all students to collaborate on the development of cross-cultural initiatives, programs, and resources
•    Increasing the visibility of UW Bothell in the external community through the creative use of technology including media, web, social networking, film, radio, etc.
•    Supporting the Diversity Council in achieving University goals