Equity & Inclusion Conference

Workshop Info & Itinerary


2019 workshops and itinerary






9:00am – 9:30am

Check-In & Breakfast

ARC 201 & 202

9:30am – 9:50am

Opening Announcements

  • UW Bothell Chancellor, Wolf Yeigh
  • Dean of Diversity, Wayne Au
  • Blue Heron Canoe Family

ARC 201 & 202

10:00am – 11:30am

Concurrent Workshop Session

UW1 & UW2

11:45amm – 12:45pm


  • T-Mobile Presentation
  • Create The Change Student Grant

ARC 201 & 202

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Keynote Speaker: Loretta Ross

ARC 201 & 202

Workshop Sessions

Concurrent workshop sessions are from 10:00am-11:30am at UW1 and UW2. 





Lauren Lichty & 

Kyra Laughlin 

“Co-Creating an Inclusive Campus for Victim-Survivors of Sexual and Relationship Violence” 



Diana Betancourt-Macias 

“Supporting Undocumented Students: Best Practices” 



Thai-Huy Nguyen 

"The Model Minority Myth: Historical and Contemporary Issues in Higher Education” 



Natalie Gillard 

"FACTUALITY: Intersectionality & Empathy via Board Game" 

(sponsored by Council of Professional Advisers) 



Aleenah Ansari &

Ann Robinson

“The Power of Storytelling from Underrepresented Voices”  

(sponsored by ASUWB and DC)  




Jen Self

“Queering Higher Education for Gen Z & Gen Alpha – Fluid, Inclusive, & Fierce”



“Co-Creating an Inclusive Campus for Victim-Survivors of Sexual and Relationship Violence” 

By Lauren Lichty & Kyra Laughlin

This workshop centers victim-survivors of sexual and relationship violence as valued, relevant members of our campus community. This issue intersects with other systems of oppression and exclusion, and impacts all our lives, whether we identify as direct victim-survivors or not. We will discuss opportunities for building a more supportive and inclusive campus through trauma-informed practices. We will also call in all members of campus to think about each of our role in preventing and responding to sexual and relationship violence.  Join us for an opportunity to listen, reflect, discuss, and plan for change. 

“Supporting Undocumented Students: Best Practices” 

By Diana Betancourt Macias 

Learn strategies to best support undocumented students through a presentation and interactive discussions. We will discuss important laws and policies, conversations strategies, resources for undocumented students and much more! 

“The Model Minority Myth: Historical and Contemporary Issues In Higher Education”  

By Thai-Huy Nguyen 

This presentation will offer an overview of the Model Minority Myth, including its origins and its manifestations in American higher education. We will discuss the myth's role in fashioning and privileging hurtful stereotypes that negatively affect how institutions support Asian and underserved students. Contemporary topics related to admissions, student services and minority serving institutions will be introduced to illustrate the consequences of this enduring myth. 

“FACTUALITY: Intersectionality & Empathy via Board Game” 

By Natalie Gillard  (Sponsored by Council for Professional Advisers)

Immerse yourself in a highly interactive board game simulation of structural inequality, in America. Explore the advantages and limitations that coincide with the intersection of your character's race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, and class. How will structural inequality impact your character? And how will structural inequality impact YOU? 

"The Power of Storytelling from Underrepresented Voices"

By Aleenah Ansari & Ann Robinson (Sponsored by ASUWB and Diversity Center)  

Using LinkedIn as a platform to share your story, ASUWB x DC invite you to take control of your career and create opportunities that align with your values and interests. Empower yourself to create the perfect career for you. 

"Queering Higher Education for Gen Z & Gen Alpha – Fluid, Inclusive, & Fierce"

By Jen Self

60% of people ages 13-21 believe that people are asked for their gender on a form, they should be given more than the choices F or M. Facebook has 58 possibilities for one's gender and most young adults and youth think that isn't enough. Higher Education was not built for the Alpha & Z generations, how do we prepare institutions for the most racially diverse, gender and sexually fluid, inclusive generations that the modern, colonized west has ever experienced? We will talk about best practices for things as simple and confounding as gender neutral pronouns to multi-unit gender accessible restrooms to culturally affirming healing practices and more! 


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