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Who can use the space in the center?

All UWB students are welcomed at the center and may use the space in the center.  Students are encouraged to spend time in the non-reserved space whenever the center is open.  There are also multiple rooms available for reservation.

How do I make a reservation for a room in the center?

Individual students, student clubs, and student organizations may make a reservation using the online reservation form here.

When would an individual student want to make a reservation for a room?

UWB faculty often assign group work as part of a course requirement.  If the group project is related to a social justice issue it would be appropriate for your class project group to meet in the center. UWB students often work with each other on a social justice issue or community organizing event to address issues of oppression. Often this work is unrelated to a class or a UWB Club or Organization. An individual from your group could make a reservation for your group to meet as you brainstorm and collaborate on this group project. Examples: Your group assignment is the design a new app that addresses a societal issue of inequity. Another class project may be curriculum development or community organizing addressing a health disparity. Three students may take independent initiative to meet to address homeless issues faced by UWB students.

Is there a charge to reserve a room?

There is no charge to reserve a room.

Is there a limit on the number of hours I can reserve a meeting room?

A meeting room may be reserved for a maximum of two hours.

Is there a limit to the number of reservations I can make for a given week?

A Club, Organization, or individual student may make one or two reservations per week.  The combined reservation time must not exceed two hours per week. Example:  Club X may make a one hour reservation for an officers meeting and a one hour reservation for the club meeting in one week.  Club Y may choose to make one reservation for a two hour block.

Can I make a re-occurring reservation?

Yes.  You may make a re-occurring reservation for the length of the quarter. 

When can I make a reservation for next quarter?

Reservations for the next quarter open on the 8th week of the preceding quarter.  Example: During Fall, 2017 quarter, reservations for Winter, 2018 quarter will open the 8th week of fall quarter, November 20, 2017.

What does it mean to be an affiliated club or organization of the center?

An Affiliated Club or Organization means that the Club/Organization and the Center mutually agree they have similar missions, purpose, and/or goals. The advantage of seeking Affiliation Status allows the Club/Organization officers to make a reservation on the on-line form and skip the short answers section explaining the purpose and goals for the reservation.

How does our club or organization become an Affiliated Club/Organization?

An officer of the club or organization will send an email to the Center Director, or appointed designee, describing how your Club or Organization goals are consistent with the Center’s goals and purpose or by attaching your Clubs Constitution to the email.  The Center Director or appointed designee will respond to your request within 10 business days of your email request. Please refer to the current Diversity Center email, uwbdiv@uw.edu.

If I don’t have a reservation, can I still use a room?

Outside of each room that can be reserved is a daily schedule.  If you see there is no reservation for the current hour, you are welcome to use that room.  You may use the “unreserved” room for a maximum of two hours.

Can faculty and staff use the space in the center?

Faculty and staff may use the space if they collaborate with and receive sponsorship from a student club or organization.  If the faculty or staff member determines none of the current UWB clubs or organizations are aligned with your reason for seeking space, you may request sponsorship from the center student advisory board. A list of current UWB Clubs are listed here, http://www.bothell.washington.edu/sea/clubs/join. You may seek sponsorship from the center student advisory board by emailing the Director, or appointed designee.  

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