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11 Free Useful Apps & Tools Every UWB Student Should Have

  1. Evernote:
    A personal notebook on the go. This is a simple app that helps keep track of anything, whether it is notes for class, voice memos, grocery lists, spreadsheets, you name it! You can even search and tag notes for easier access.
  2. Dropbox:
    Save all school files into Dropbox and never lose track of where you placed your assignments. You can access your Dropbox account through any computer or mobile device.
  3. Google Drive:
    An online alternative to Microsoft Office. Here you can create text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and drawings. This is an excellent tool for group projects as you can see live updates versus bouncing back and forth email, as well as use chat and comment features.
  4. Canvas Calendar:
    UW Bothell has transitioned from Blackboard to Canvas, as a student you might as well utilize the tools you already have. Events and assignments created by instructors who use Canvas automatically sync with your calendar: you just have to add anything in between. Keep organized by adding links to Canvas pages, files, and images to event descriptions. To learn more about the calendar, check out this video
  5. Kerika:
    Students often have conflict when it comes do doing group projects. Kerika is a great tool to use to keep track of group members progress when students cannot meet face to face. This simple task board updates in real time so students don't have to send emails back and forth. Students can assign work to other group members as well as give feedback on individual tasks by using the chat or status feature.
  6. Remember the Milk:
    The ultimate to-do list. This app can sync with email, calendar, and Evernote to help you keep on track. You can categorize and prioritize all your tasks for even more organization.
  7. Quizlet:
    This is a mobile flash card creator that is a great tool for studying for upcoming quizzes and tests. Students have the option to have cards appear in order, or put it on shuffle.
  8. Mint:
    We’ve all been there: you look at your month’s bank statement and ask yourself where everything went. Keep track of where your money is going! This app lets you know where your money is going towards most, keep a budget, and track your financial goals.
  9. Kindle:
    Some students dread the idea of eReaders, but for those who don’t mind the Amazon Kindle app offers eBooks at often time a far cheaper price than those in print. The Kindle app is also great to have as they do offer free books: IAS students may utilize this most as many course readings are found under the free book section.
  10. Pocket:
    Though we do not think greatly of procrastination, Pocket is the best organize‘procrastination’ app. Students stumble upon things they want to read and watch all the time, but just can’t do it at the present moment. Pocket stores anything you find online for you to read or watch later, and even categorizes your different types of findings.