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Managing Your Time

It can be overwhelming for students when they have to balance going to school full-time, going to work (part-time or full-time), and having a social life. Many students choose to sacrifice one of the three, but managing your time well can afford you the opportunity to pursue all three.

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Consider the following:

  1. Plan:
    Students become overwhelmed with all of their work and responsibilities because they don't have a plan in place to stay organized. Whatever is easiest for you, plan out your schedule, tasks, and other things that need to be done every day, week, etc. Keep a journal, To-Do List, or a planner to stay organized with your work. You can also use apps, such as Remember the Milk or your Canvas Calendar, to help you keep track of what is going on in your life.

  2. Prioritize:
    Which is more important: studying for finals or going out to dinner with friends? It may be a hard decision, but in order to stay productive students need to know what will and will not benefit their academic goals in the long run. Plan out your day or week so that you get your work done first and then have free time to enjoy other activities. Use these outside activities as an incentive to get through the hard work.

  3. Limit:
    Not all students have the ability to whip up a project in one night, so know what you are capable of. Taking the risk of doing an all-nighter for the first time may have you oversleeping and missing the quiz you stayed up all night studying for. If you know you cannot complete a large assignment in one day, break it up into sections and turn it into different tasks to complete throughout the week.

  4. Sleep:
    Nothing deprives students of energy more than lack of sleep. According to a Time Magazine study, students who lack sleep also had problems understanding course content and performed poorly on tests. Although time might be lost while you sleep, you will be much more focused, energetic, and productive in your classes.

  5. Take a break!
    Stubbornly working while you are stressed out or tired can actually hinder your performance and productivity. Taking small 10-minute breaks can help you stay refreshed and calm, while staying focused on what still needs to be done.

Campus Resources

Still confused of the direction you need to take in order to manage your time? The Counseling Center will be more than happy to analyze specific student needs. To set up an appointment, call (425) 352-3183 or stop by the reception desk in UW1-173.

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