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General Studying Tips

General Studying Tips

  1. Be prepared and read the course material prior to class starting. Come to class with a list of questions and ideas that come up during your reading. Conversations become richer when students are able to connect with class lectures and reading materials.

  2. Attend class. Research shows that students who attend class regularly do better academically. Attending class is an effective way to learn content, ask questions and interact with the instructor and students.

  3. Take notes. Notes will help you stay organized and on top of course content and activities. Learn notetaking strategies which can help you capture the main ideas without having to write everything down.

  4. Create a study group. Courses can be overwhelming, but study groups are a great way to get peers' input on important themes in the course, collaborate with other students and reflect on your learning.

  5. Manage your time. Time management is key to creating a healthy educational lifestyle. When students manage their time correctly, they are able to balance school, work, and a social life. Read more about time management.

  6. Don't cram. Cramming often results from poor time management, and research shows that it's not effective, especially if it results in a significant loss of sleep.  Shorter studying sessions at various intervals plus a good night of sleep prior to a test is more effective in doing well.

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