10 Steps for Creating Polls

10 Steps for Creating Polls

If you do not have an account, Request a Poll Everywhere account

  1. Go to www.polleverywhere.com
  2. Log-in with Single Sign On – To get this option: enter your UW email address

    Poll Everywhere log in page
  3. Enter your NetID and password to log in

    University of Washington log in page

  4. Go to My Polls
  5. Click the Create button to access the interface

    Create poll icon
  6. Type the question text and answer choices. Add more answer choices if desired

    Create new poll page
  7. Select the type of poll: Open Ended, Multiple Choice, Ranking, Q&A, Ranking, or Clickable Image
  8. You can enter additional poll questions. When finished, click the Create button at the bottom to save
  9. Your polls will be ungrouped. Select all your new polls and then click on the Group button at the top of the page

    Poll Everywhere homepage with group button highlighted
  10. Put the mouse cursor over the group name area. Rename the New Group by clicking on the pencil next to the name. Click Save

    Edit button to edit new group name

    Save button for new group name