Recording with Panopto

Every UW Bothell classroom ePodium is enabled for recording your lecture using Panopto.

The following tutorial will provide you with directions, and best practices, for recording Panopto videos on campus or at home. If you need to install the Panopto software on your personal computer please visit: Downloading and Installing the Panopto Recorder

Note for Students: You can find computers in the Open Learning Lab, UW2-140, that have the Panopto recorder software installed on them.


Launch Panopto from the Start Menu or desktop.


Log in with your NetID.


Where do you want to store the video?

Click on the down arrow, on the right of the window to bring up the course selection list.


Select the class you wish to save the recording.


Setting up the recording.

First, give the recording a name, or keep it as the date and time.

You can record the following items/screens.

  • Desktop
  • Webcam
  • PowerPoint File (Only)

You can record the following audio.

  • Desktop
  • Webcam

To record the desktop: Click on the box labeled “enable screen capture preview”


In secondary sources click on “Capture Main Screen”


To capture PowerPoint only:

In secondary sources click on “Capture PowerPoint” Note: Main Screen Capture can be used to capture PowerPoints as well. Though, it will not make chapter slide change bookmarks in your videos.


In the main window, click on the button “Open Presentation” and choose your PowerPoint file.


Adding Audio Sources:

To Record Microphone: Make sure your microphone is selected in Primary Sources (click the box “Capture Computer Audio" to record any audio the computer is producing) – Note: to capture computer audio a microphone source must be selected.


Recording the Webcam:

Make sure under Primary Sources “Video” is set to your webcam.


When you have all of your video and audio settings selected. It is now time to record your Video.

Recording your video:

Click on the “Record” button to start your recording.


Click on the “Stop” button to Stop your recording.


Finally click on the “Upload” button. Once uploaded, your video will be available online for editing and viewing.