Setting up Audio/Video Hardware

In order to create a recording, users need to at least have a microphone enabled. Before you start recording, users will also have the option to use either a webcam or photo to represent themselves during the recording.

Hardware in a UW Bothell Classroom

Epodium CameraEvery ePodium at UW Bothell is already equipped with hardware to facilitate a Panopto recording. Above every touch panel is a webcam with a built-in microphone (although instructors can use the ePodium microphone as well if they have projection issues).

If you would like to use hardware such as a document camera, wireless microphone, or a wireless remote/mouse/laser pointer during your recording session in a UWB classroom, please fill out the Classroom Services Request form, provided by UWB Information Technologies. Submitting this form will enable IT staff to set the equipment up and give instructors training on it (optional) prior to the class.

Hardware on a Personal ComputerHeadset

If you are planning on recording in Panopto from your personal or office computer, you may not already have a webcam or microphone. If you are a faculty member and this is the case, please contact in order to get set up with both the essentials and whatever other equipment you are interested in.

Testing Your Hardware

Upon launching the Panopto Recorder, a menu will appear before the actual recording starts. This menu allows you to test your audio and video equipment and to adjust any settings on it before the recording actually begins. Take time before you record to test out your equipment--make sure the video works well (if you are using video) and that your microphone allows you to hit the Recommended Audio Level line.