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Lucidchart Diagram

Lucidchart Diagram Overview

Lucid chart diagram interface

Lucidchart Diagrams is an alternative route of Google Drawings to brainstorm ideas. Note that this tool can be used only through your UW Google Apps (though can be added to your personal Google Drive). Click and drag shapes or text to create flow charts, mind maps, wireframes, org charts, and more.

Lucidchart Tips

  • Select an item to activate the text toolbar on the top of the chart. Highlighting text will also provide more toolbar options
  • Can't find the shape you're looking for? Click on More Shapes at the bottom left corner to open a library of additional shapes including Android and iOS mockups, tables, and tools for Venn diagrams
  • Add personal shapes and images by going to User Images in the shapes menu and click on the Add image button button. This will give you options to upload from your computer or third party apps like Facebook and Dropbox
  • Want to add video in your chart? Click on More Shapes, scroll down to visual content, then turn on video
  • Resize the canvas by hovering outside the workspace and dragging the Resizing buton button on the top right.

Communicating With Lucidcharts

Chat and Hangouts

Google chat window Google hangout window

Click on the Chat button button on the bottom left to expand a chat box and start live chatting with collaborators. Users can also open a Hangout, a live voice, video, and text conversation tool, while on chat. Note that a plug-in install is required for first time Hangout users.


Comments window

Click on the Comment tab at the bottom right corner. A comment box will appear, allowing you to chat with collaborators. Click the Reassign button button to assign comments to certain items in your chart.

Send Email

Another way to communicate to collaborators, though not directly on the chart, is to send them an email. Do this by going to File > Email Collaborators. This is a convenient way to send reminders to collaborators who do not check the chart often.

Send email window