Google Drive


Drawing Overview

Google drawings interface

Draw mind-maps, diagrams, and shapes in the Drawings tool.  Drawings can be used to unleash creativity, or to simply brainstorm concepts for an assignment or project. Instructors can even use drawings as a collaborative white board where students can use their devices in class and visually represent their ideas. 

Drawing Tips

  • Hold down the Shift key to draw a perfect circle or square
  • Select an item and click on the Paint Format "" button. This will expand the toolbar for options to change colors, fonts, line thickness, etc. 
  • Click the arrow on the Line "" button. This will open different options to draw different types of lines: arrows, curves, polylines, and scribbles.
  • Select an item, then right-click to get more options to rotate, align, and switch the order of objects.
  • Want more font options in text boxes? Click on the "" button at the top of the font list to browse more fonts

Communicating with Drawings


When multiple collaborators are present in the drawing, click on the chat Chat button button on the top right to chat about your work. The chat box will appear at the bottom right of the drawing. Click on the gear "" button to edit notification settings.


To comment on specific items in a drawing:

  1. select the item
  2. open the right-click menu
  3. select Comment.

A comment box will appear on the right side of the page. Collaborators can then reply to a comment, edit their own comments, or resolve a comment. 

comment box with comments and replies

Send Email

Another way to communicate to collaborators, though not directly on the drawing, is to send them an email. Do this by going to File > Email Collaborators. This is a convenient way to send reminders to collaborators who do not check the drawing often.

Sending email window with options to select senders, send copy to self and past the item into the email