Hybrid Learning

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Enrolling in a Hybrid Course

Check out the hybrid and online courses offered at UWB this quarter! 

Any enrolled student may take a hybrid course through the UW Bothell. Usually, on the time schedule, hybrid classes will be pointed out within the description of the course.

Hybrid course in class description

Hybrid courses replace face-to-face in-class time with online activities. So for instance, a 50% hybrid course would mean that you only meet once a week in-class rather than twice a week. The rest of the course will take place online using discussions, videos, assignments or other online activities. The time schedule will tell you how much of a course is online.

Student Benefits of a Hybrid Course

There are many reasons why students may want to take hybrid courses. Hybrid courses offer flexible scheduling for time spent on course work; however, while hybrid course work time is "flexible," it is not reduced and can even require more time from students than a traditional, face-to-face class. Students may wish to take hybrid classes if they:
  • Often work during traditional face-to-face class hours
  • Have family commitments that require them to be at home more
  • Wish to experience an online class, but don't want to lose the face-to-face aspect of a course
  • Feel more comfortable participating (asking questions, giving responses) in an online setting

Student Skills & Tools Required

In order to succeed in a hybrid course, the student must have basic computer and Internet skills. Specifically, the student should be familiar with Canvas, UW Bothell's learning management system for online course information and activities.

Although taking a hybrid class provides for a bit more flexibility in one's schedule, the amount of work required for any given hybrid class is as much (if not more) than a traditional class. Hybrid courses often require students to take more initiative in their own learning. Students who are very self-motivated and organized would be ideal candidates for a hybrid course.