Hybrid Learning

Faculty Resources

The faculty resources for hybrid course design on this website are based on the Hybrid Course Development Institute curriculum.

Table of Contents

  1. Community of Inquiry Framework for Hybrid Learning -- Learn about the model of hybrid learning adopted by the HCDI, which is based on Garrison and Vaughn's (2008) Community of Inquiry model.

  2. Opportunities and challenges of hybrid course design -- Learn about the opportunities and challenges of hybrid courses identified by UW Bothell faculty.

  3. Preparing students for the hybrid format -- Learn about how to prepare students for hybrid course work.

  4. Designing effective online discussions -- Learn how to design effective discussion board prompts and facilitate online discussions to enhance student discourse on your class topics.

  5. Assessing students in hybrid courses -- Learn about important considerations for assessing student learning in hybrid courses.

  6. Hybrid course design worksheet -- Get a downloadable worksheet that will help you think through your hybrid course design week by week.

  7. Hybrid Course Development Institute -- Learn more about the Hybrid Course Development Institute.

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