Designing a Hybrid Course



As with any course, it is important to assess the course during and also after teaching it the first time. There are several ways this can be done:

  1. An SGID
  2. A mid-quarter check-in with the students (either face-to-face or online)
  3. A peer review with either someone in Learning Tech or a colleague
  4. Self Evaluation

Check out the following resources for self or peer evaluation of your Hybrid Course:

CSU, Chico's Rubric for Online Instruction (ROI)

  • The rubric for online instruction (ROI) from California State University, Chico is designed to answer the question, "What does high-quality online instruction look like?" The rubric can be applied to any course that is designed with online content.

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point peer review guide.

  • This rubric from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point was created as a peer review guide for both hybrid and online courses.

Blended Learning Toolkit

  • The Blended Learning Toolkit provides surveys for both students and faculty to use in order to gain feedback.