eLearning Fellows Program

eLearning Fellows Program

eFellows Cohorts

UW Bothell Information Technologies and the Office of Academic Affairs are partnering to promote innovation in teaching and learning and increased student access to UW Bothell's courses beyond the footprint of our facilities. We are offering $2000 salary stipends to faculty for course redesigns that focus on high-impact educational practices and move existing on-premise courses out of the classroom for at least 50% of the time. We hope to encourage pedagogical innovation, high-quality online and hybrid courses, and enhanced student learning.

The following information provides an overview of criteria and expectations. The requirements for receiving the stipend include:

  • Each faculty member must successfully complete faculty development activities (such as the Online Learning Institute) which will often take a number of weeks to complete. Faculty development activities may be customized depending on factors such as whether faculty have already taken the OLI (Online Learning Institute) or the HCDI (Hybrid Course Development Institute).
  • Each instructor must successfully complete a review of his/her course prior to the course being taught using the Quality Matters rubric, and if applicable, CBLR review processes.  
  • The classroom space savings must be listed in the time schedule. So if you are teaching a course that is 50% hybrid, then the time schedule must reflect that a classroom is only being used for 50% of the time (e.g. a course is only scheduled on Mondays rather than Mondays and Wednesdays).
  • The course must be taught as proposed, with a minimum of 50% being online or out of the classroom.
  • Each instructor will be asked to participate in an assessment of the course which may include a student survey and/or a faculty interview.
  • To enable other UW Bothell faculty to learn from the work completed, facultyvparticipants will be asked to share examples of the items generated in the course redesign process, such as the course syllabus, Canvas course structure and/or assignments. (Note: sharing will take place through a repository that is private to UW Bothell faculty for the purpose of providing examples)

2017-19 eFellows Cohort (Masters of Nursing Program)

  1. Jerelyn Resnick
  2. Stoerm Anderson
  3. Chris Wade
  4. Annie Bruck
  5. Mayumi Willgerodt
  6. Jamie Shirley

2014-16 eFellows Cohort

  1. Jody Early, Nursing and Health Studies
  2. Robin Angotti Education/STEM
  3. Lauren Lichty, IAS
  4. Becca Price/Susan Waters, IAS
  5. Karam Dana, IAS
  6. Mark Kochanski, CSS
  7. James Gray, IAS
  8. Kari Lerum, IAS
  9. Jason Naranjo, Education
  10. Camille Walsh, IAS
  11. Lauren Berliner, IAS
  12. Linda Watts, IAS
  13. Jason Morse, CUSP
  14. Bonnie Blachly, Nursing and Health Studies
  15. Gary Carpenter, IAS

Questions about this program? Please feel free to contact Andreas Brockhaus.