Information Technologies

Faculty Start Guide

The Faculty Start Guide is a rich resource for new and current faculty that was created as a combined effort between the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), Information Technologies Digital Learning team, the Campus Library and Organizational Excellence & Human Resources (OE/HR) to offer important general information in the following areas:

  • What do I need for my teaching?
  • Where do I find resources for support?
  • How do I get things done?
  • How can I advance my career?
  • I'm part-time - Where can I find support?

Authors of this resource:

  • Robin Angotti - Interim TLC Director
  • Beth Beam - Assistant Vice Chancellor (OE/HR)
  • Dorothy Baumgartner - Director of Operations (TLC)
  • Leslie Hurst - Head of Teaching and Learning (Library)
  • Karen Rosenberg - Director of WaCC, QSC (TLC)
  • Ana Thompson - Learning & Access Designer (DLI)

The Faculty Start Guide is publicly available in Canvas. If you would like to make sure the course always shows up on your Dashboard page, select the +Join this Course button.

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