Working in 'Edit' Mode

Google Sites Tutorials for ePortfolios

Edit page button

To edit a page, click on the Edit Page button (or press E on your keyboard) to open the site editor. Below is a screen capture of a page in edit mode. The dotted lines indicate editable areas of the page. Any changes you make within the dotted lines are previewable.  

Edit mode


Rich Text Editor

Once you are in editing mode, the rich text editor will appear at the top of the page. This allows you to easily add or modify text, insert links, and edit in HTML. 

rich text editor

Modify Settings of an Object

When an object (link, image, or gadget) is inserted in to the page, you can modify its settings by clicking on the object and the settings tooltip that appears. From here you can align the object to the left/right, wrap text around the object, change the width and height (may distort object), etc.

screenshot of object setting bar

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