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More menu options

To manage the current page, make sure you are out of 'editing mode' and click on More on the top right of the page (or M on your keyboard). This will bring up a list of options for you to print, move, and delete the current page as well as advanced page settings and options for managing the site. You can also subscribe to page / site changes if you have other people editing the page.

Revision History

This shows the edit history of the page, who edited the page, and options to revert to a previous state. Click here to learn more.

Subscribe to page/site changes:

This option will let Google Sites e-mail  you with any changes made to the current page. We recommend opting out of this option if changes are constantly being made.

Page Settings

This option allows you to change the page URL, change the options on whether or not to allow comments and attachments, sidebar settings, and template settings.

Page settings screenshot

Page Templates

To save a page as a template allows you to use that page's layout and other content over and over again on other pages. Similar to a site template, Google sites creates a copy of that page, where you can then customize it to your needs. Click here to learn more.   

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