Editing the Sidebar or Navigation Bar

Google Sites Tutorials for ePortfolios

Google Sites is set up to automatically list all pages in your navigation bar or sidebar in alphabetical order. Many students like to change the list order of the list order to further organize their ePortfolio. 

This is an example of a navigation bar or sidebar:

Navigation bar example

Notice how the pages are placed in alphabetical order, as this is automatically done by Google Sites. 

To change this automatic feature, make sure you are outside of the editing mode, and click on the settings button, Settings button,  at the top right corner of the page. Then click on Edit Site Layout. On this page, hover over the navigation bar, causing a black Navigation title bar to appear. 

Navigation edit bar

Click on the black title bar and a pop up window will show up. Uncheck the Autimatically Organize my Navigation option to be able to move the pages in the order that you prefer. 

Once that option is unchecked, the pop up window will have a new section where you choose which pages to add and in what order to list them. 

Configure navigation window to reorder pages

  1. Add Page: The add page button makes another window pop up. On this window, you get to choose which pages you wish to include on the navigation bar
  2. Move Up: This button moves a page up on the navigation bar. Highlight the page you wish to move than click on the button.
  3. Move Down: This button moves a page down on the navigation bar. Highlight the page you wish to move than click on the button.
  4. Indent: The indent button makes the selected page a subpage of the page above it.
  5. Outdent: The outdent button makes a subpage into a main page. 
  6. Remove: This button removes a page from the navigation bar.

When you have choosen your pages and the order you like, click ok. 

A problem with unchecking the "automatically organize my navigation" is that with every new page you make afterwards, you will need to manually add this new page to the navigation bar.