Customize Colors & Themes

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Change the look of your ePortfolioSide bar options

You can make your ePortfolio unique by changing the colors, layout and theme of the site. To do this, make sure you are out of 'editing mode' then click on the More button in the top right corner of a page and select  Manage Site.

Customization options for your site are located on the lower left portion of the sidebar. Here, you can change your site colors, fonts, and the theme you are using.

Colors and Fonts

Under the Colors and Fonts page, you can change your site's colors, fonts, and backgrounds. These colors and backgrounds will change with the theme you select (see Themes section below).

Customization page


Themes are a set of pre-defined colors and images that have been selected to match a certain persona or style. With themes, you can easily change the look of your website without having to make changes to every detail and thus saves you time. You can select from existing themes or build your own.

Theme page