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IAS ePortfolio Resources


This page is a set of resources to help users get started on creating an ePortfolio. Here users will find links to the Google Sites ePortfolio tutorial, how to use the IAS ePortfolio template, frequent questions asked by students, and sample ePortfolios.


Student ePortfolio Tutorials

The student ePortfolio tutorials guide users through the essential steps of creating an ePortfolio using Google Sites: from activating UW Google Apps, editing a site, page and site management, sharing a site with an instructor, and more.  

Additionally, the How do I...? page (also known as an FAQ page) offers various tutorials on adding content, page management, site design, etc.

Using the IAS ePortfolio Template

Follow these steps to use the IAS Portfolio template:

  • Make sure you have activated your UW Google Apps
  • Go to
  • Click the Create button
  • Under 'Select a Template to Use' click Browse the gallery for more
  • Look up 'IAS' in the search box and find the IAS ePortfolio Template
  • Click on the template, a new window will appear
  • Click Select
  • Next, where it says 'Name your site' title your site: IAS Portfolio Lastname, Firstname
  • Finally, click Create

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Common questions when beginning the ePortfolio process

When should I begin my ePortfolio? Are there specific steps I should follow?

IAS students usually begin their ePortfolios in the BIS 300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry course. This course introduces students to portfolios as well as an introduction to the IAS portfolio requirements. In general, you should archive all work that is produced in IAS classes on UW Google Sites so you can better pull information that you may need when you are composing your portfolio in the BIS 499 Portofolio Capstone course. To learn more about this process, visit the IAS Degree Portfolio page.

What should my ePortfolio look like?

An e-portfolio is a site that reflects learning accomplishments. To that effect, there is no strict guideline on how an ePortfolio should look like. Eportfolios can contain images, videos, and other pieces of media and can be designed to reflects one's personality.

What should be in an ePortfolio? Should I follow a specific layout?

In general, e-Portfolios are a way to express what you have learned in your classes in a unique and personal webpage. There is no specific way to make an ePortfolio as every person will have their own unique insight into what they have learned even in the same class with the same instructor.

In general, you should be putting information that relates to the IAS Learning Objectives: interdisciplinary research & inquiry, critical & creative thinking, collaboration and shared leadership, and writing and communication.

For some ideas on creating your eportfolio, see the UW Honors Portfolio Toolkit for an overview of what elements constitute a good e-Portfolio.

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Sample ePortfolios from UWB IAS Students

The following are examples of ePortfolios created by UWB IAS students. Keep in mind that you do not have to necessarily follow these examples and that your department or instructor may have different requirements for ePortfolios. To view these portfolios, make sure you are logged into your UW Google Apps.

Community Psychology

Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

Global Studies

Culture, Literature, & Arts

Science, Technology, and Society

Environmental Science

Sample ePortfolios from UWB MACS Students

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Additional Resources

University of Washington Bothell Resources

Third Party Resources

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