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About the Health Studies ePortfolio

All students in the Health Studies major build a learning and professional Portfolio as part of the curriculum.  The portfolio process helps students to become self-directed and self-motivated learners during their time at UW Bothell.  It encourages students to reflect on what they have learned and done, the connections they have made among courses and assignments, and how their academic accomplishments can contribute to their future goals.  Health Studies portfolios are built through UW Google Sites.

The portfolio process begins when students take BHS 310 Pathways to Health Studies.  In BHS 310, students are introduced to the six Health Studies Learning Objectives…

  1. Identify the various factors that influence health and wellness at individual, community, and global levels
  2. Understand the policies and systems that shape our healthcare practices
  3. Acquire the skills to understand and critique health research at the population level
  4. Apply methods used in the development and evaluation of public health interventions
  5. Partner with individuals and communities to improve health outcomes
  6. Advocate for ethics in healthcare practice and for the just distribution of healthcare resources

and initiate a portfolio that models and launches a process that culminates in a Health Studies Capstone Portfolio before graduating. 

While taking Health Studies core courses and concentration area courses, students should archive all of their work on their portfolio site.

Taken within the final two quarters before graduating, Health Studies students must complete a Senior Year Portfolio.  This 5-credit course allows students to complete their undergraduate Capstone Portfolio. These portfolios include framing essays and evidence of learning based in work completed during the degree.  The portfolio provides the capstone to students' learning in Health Studies, while also preparing them to communicate persuasively about their learning and abilities with future audiences of potential employers, friends and family, or graduate school admissions committees.

Health Studies Capstone Portfolios vary since they reflect the accomplishments and ambitions of different students.

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