Google Drive Integration


Embedding your documents on your site allows people to easily view them without having to download the files separately as attachments. Documents you have created or uploaded in your Google Docs can be embedded on to your ePortfolio.

Most Microsoft Office formats (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) can be uploaded to Google Docs and embedded in your ePortfolio.

Embedding Drive to your Site

To embed a document to your site, select the Insert menu and mouse over Drive.

Google drive insert button

This will list all files you have uploaded to Google Drive under your UW account. You can embed documents, drawings, folders, forms, images, presentations, spreadsheets, and video in to your ePortfolio.

Google docs window opened on google sites

Note: You can only embed files which you have access to. Also, if the file you have embedded is set to private, nobody else can see it except you. Make sure that the privacy settings for the document you are embedding matches the levels set for your site.