Viewing Student Portfolios

Instructions to view student ePortfolios

Before you are able to view your students' eportfolios, they must have granted access to their eportfolios. To do this, the students must assign your UW NETID e-mail address as an owner in their eportfolios.

In addition to granting access, you should recommend that your students name their ePortfolio with the course name and their own name so that they are easily identified. A recommended naming convention would be Class Name Student Name. So if the student's name is John Doe and the class you are teaching is BIS300A, the student should name the site BIS300A John Doe.

When you are ready to view and/or grade eportfolios, give your students your UW NETID e-mail address and instruct them to add the e-mail address as an owner to their e-portfolio sharing settings.

My sites page

Once the student has added your UW NETID to their eportfolio sharing settings, you will see their eportfolios listed (above screenshot) when you first access Google Sites. If the student has followed the above name conventions, the sites should be listed in alphabetical order by class and name.

You can also access this list anywhere in Sites by clicking the My Sites link at the top-right corner of the page.

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