Office of Digital Learning & Innovation (DLI)

For Instructors

Canvas ePortfolio Assignment Instructions

In order to encourage students to become familiar with and use their eportfolio throughout their first year, we ask you to have them submit their quarterly reflective assignment or statements through the eportfolio itself (as opposed to submitting a document without having to use the eportfolio). To do this, instructors need to create an assignment to which students submit the private URL for their portfolio.

When you create the assignment in Canvas, you need to go to the Submission Type section, 1) select Online, and 2) check the Website URL box.

Submission type window

Once students open the submission, there will be a field in which to paste the URL from their portfolio dashboard and comments (optional).

If your students have questions about submitting their eportfolio, direct them to this tutorial: /digital-learning/eportfolios/dc-resources#sharing.

Students MUST use the link provided in the ePortfolio Dashboard page, not the one from the browser web address field, otherwise, instructors will not be able to access the eportfolio.

If you have more questions about creating Canvas assignments, please book time with DLI Staff here or contact them at