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Video Trimming

Warning: Remember to record the time stamps of the video. Time stamps help know how long the video is. When editing the video the time stamp is important because it helps locate the start and stop positions of the video.


  • Click the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen. Type in ‘QuickTime Player’ in the Spotlight Search and press the return key.



  • Make a duplicate file when trimming videos in QuickTime. Go to the file you wish to trim press the control key and click the file. Go down to duplicate and click it.

Drop down list with duplicate highlighted


  • With QuickTime now running, open the file you wish to edit by clicking on “File”, then “Open File”. Find the video that you wish to edit, click on the video you wish to edit and press “Open”.

Drop down option with open file highlighted


  • With the video now open in QuickTime, go to “Edit” then “Trim”.

Drop down list with trim highlighted


  • The video player will change from a play format to a video editing screen. The yellow bar at the bottom of the video is where you can trim your video. Click and hold on the left of right sides then move left or right of the yellow bar to meet your time stamps. Once you have the area of the video you want click “Trim”. Note anything on the outside of the selected yellow bar region will be deleted.

Trimming a video example


  • Your video has now been trimmed, go to “File” then “Save”. Save the video in the location you want. The video will be in the original file type it was before it was trimmed. The video will now only play within the area that you had selected in the trimming function

Drop down list with save highlighted


Once saved you have successfully edited a video in QuickTime!


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