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""Follow your passion for helping people, serving the community, and improving the lives of those in need! 

Majors represented in this area of study identify, assess, and analyze human experiences and cultural values to understand societal behaviors, structures, issues, and practices. Academic and other learning experiences related to this meta-major generally enhance students' intercultural communication and analytical thinking abilities and increase their critical thinking, analysis, and complex problem-solving skills. 

Plan your courses with degree maps

The following Majors are related to the Health & Natural Sciences Meta-Major Pathway; each can offer a unique lens. The first link will direct you to the degree webpages to learn more about the major, and the second will download a PDF of the Degree Map for that major.

Consult with academic advisors to learn more about each major and degree map:

Careers related to this meta-major pathway

Below are examples of possible employment opportunities, related careers, and potential graduate programs for students interested in Health and Natural Sciences. Also listed are companies that have hired UW Bothell students.   For more specific examples, please visit the individual degree co-curricular map.

Examples gathered by Career Services of recent UW Bothell graduates.

Employment opportunities

  • Healthcare
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Global Health
  • Hospitals
  • Soil Science 
  • Research

Graduate programs 

  • Master’s of Earth System Science
  • Master’s of Public Health
  • Master’s in Chem-bioinformatics
  • Master's of Public Policy
  • Master's in Health Administration
  • Doctor of Medicine or Pharmacy

Related careers

  • Medicine
  • Analysis Testing
  • Conservation Biology
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Compliance

Companies who have hired on Handshake 

  • Seattle Children's
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Department of Public Health
  • Fred Hutch
  • Axio Research
  • King County

Explore internships 

Wondering if you should do an internship? Want to figure out where to search for or even create one?

Create your profile on handshake at  You can look for jobs and internships and learn more about career events.

Review Career Services internship page for plenty of information and steps to take. Make an appointment with a Career Coach to explore internship opportunities and develop an internship search action plan. 

Examples of internships 

  • Research Intern
  • Molecular Biology Intern
  • Food Science Intern
  • Environmental Technician Intern
  • Environmental Health & Safety Intern
  • Forestry Resource Assistant Intern

Get involved 

Join student organizations related to your area of interest. You’ll make friends who have similar interests while building skills working on your passions!

There are many ways to get involved on campus, connecting with campus organizations, student government, and co-curricular activities. To begin exploring, visit the Student Engagement & Activities website.

Explore community engaged learning & research 

Many UW Bothell programs offer opportunities for community engaged learning and undergraduate research. The Office of Community-Based Learning & Research (CBLR) has many student-specific resources available, from FAQs about CBLR courses to volunteer, internship, and scholarship information.

Study abroad opportunities

Study abroad programs can deepen your understanding of how Health & Natural Sciences can impact the lives of people around the world.

Visit UW Bothell's study abroad page, managed by the Office of Global Initiatives, to learn more and start the planning process.