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Project or Thesis

Capstone Project or Thesis

To complete the degree requirements, students take either 5 credits of CSS 593: Cyber Security Engineering Capstone or 10 credits of CSS 700: Masters Thesis. In each case, students must form a supervisory committee consisting of three faculty. For further information about the capstone process, please visit: http://www.uwb.edu/cybersecurity/current-students/capstone-process-(1)

CSS 593 Cyber Security Engineering Capstone ([1-5], max. 10)
Students apply their knowledge and skills related to cyber security engineering in a culminated capstone project. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.7 in each of CSS 514, CSS 517, CSS 519, CSS 527, CSS 537, CSS 577, and CSS 578.

CSS 700 Master's Thesis ([1-10)
Approved Research with Supervisory Committee.