Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering

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Jessica Nguyen holding a Husky plush alumnaMEET JESSICA NGUYEN, an alumna from the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Software Engineering (‘17) and Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering (‘20). A pilot cybersecurity co-op program with T-Mobile and UW Bothell exposed Jessica to the world of information security. Jessica transitioned into a full-time role as an application security engineer at T-Mobile where her day-to-day job sparked her curiosity to continue her education into a master’s program. A highlight of her time in the program was the ability to define her own research interests and pursue them in the coursework. Jessica now works at Twitter as an application security engineer II. Read Jessica’s Q&A interview.

Sharan Kanishk alumnusMEET KANISHK SHARAN, a graduate from the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering (‘18). Kanishk was looking for a program that had a well-round security curriculum with a component to build hands-on skills to meet the ever-demanding industry requirements. As an international student, he found it hard to be away from home, but discovered that the staff and faculty were easy to talk to and there to help him succeed at UW Bothell. Kanishk graduated with a solid cybersecurity engineering foundation to break into the job market. Today, Kanishk works as a security engineer at Amazon Payment Services. Read Kanishk’s Q&A interview.

Sida Gao AlumnusMEET SIDA GAO, a graduate from the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering (’17). Sida always wanted to move to the west coast to be in the Seattle tech sector and find a school offering security programs, not just a typical computer science program. The flexible class schedule, variety of focus areas, option to do a project or thesis for research, and emphasis on the hands-on experience drew Sida into the program. Coming from a very large school, Sida discovered the close-knit community at UW Bothell made the perfect research environment. As an international student who started their job search early, Sida found the perfect opportunity and is now an application security engineer at Facebook. We invite you to read Sida’s Q&A interview.

In the News

My Story: A tale of two Huskies & two heroes

Christian Dunham (right) with Azizullah Karwan in military uniform, bracing arms10/29/2021 - Christian Dunham, MSCSE alumnus ('22), Green Beret, veteran and volunteer with Task Force Pineapple, works to get Afghan refugees safely out of Afghanistan and to the states. In so doing, he is paying forward a great sacrifice made by one of his heroes. "My training in cybersecurity has been instrumental in keeping people alive. I have been able to steer flocks away from vulnerable communication platforms that are being used to spoof them with messages from numbers that appear to be from their shepherd but in actuality are from the enemy instructing them to go to locations where they are then captured." Read the UW Bothell article, My Story: A tale of two Huskies & two heroes.

Perfect space for a cybersecurity master’s

Jessica Nguyen with husky plush toy06/26/2019 - A running start student aspiring to major in business, Jessica K. Nguyen decided to transition to STEM after a website development project turned into a passion for computer science. Upon the transition, she found her place in cybersecurity, and now she is working for Twitter in Seattle. Read the full article on how Jessica found a perfect space for a cybersecurity master's.


Are you on camera? Detector can find out

Brent Lagesse and Kevin Wu by PerCom 2019 sign06/26/2019 - Tiny spycams are relatively cheap, require no technical expertise to set up and can be hidden in everyday objects. Thus, you could be spied on without even knowing. Assistant Professor Brent Lagesse researched with Kevin Wu, a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering student who graduated in 2018, who did much of the hands-on work for his thesis. Read the UW Bothell spycam article on their research.

Feds certify UW excellence in cybersecurity

U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo (left) and National Security Agency logo (right)05/16/2019 - UW redesignated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research through 2024. The center is located at the Applied Physics Lab at the UW in Seattle and managed by the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (CIAC), which is headquartered at UW Bothell. Read the full UW Bothell story on the feds certifying UW excellence in cybersecurity.

UW Bothell accelerates cybersecurity careers

coding on a computer2/10/2017 - "They come out of here [UW Bothell] prepared. They understand the business aspects. They understand the security requirements. They're prepared to take jobs in policy or the technical fields," says Lynne Clark, Director of the National Security Agency's National Information Assurance Education and Training Program. Read the full UW Bothell article on ways the school is accelerating cybersecurity careers.