Setting Goals Exercise

This excercise is used to assist you in evaluating how you use your time.  It is suggested that you plan and track your time for two weeks.  After analizing  how you suse your time, begin to create weekly schedules for yourself.  You may use your own tools or you may use the Weekly Schedule tool on our Website. 

1.   Plan and track your time for one week. 
2.   Use the Time Log to complete the “Planned” columns of the log for the entire week. You may use words like class, work, personal time, homework, computer, TV, games, phone, exercise, and eat to categorize your time.  Feel free to use other categories that fit your particular schedule, but be consistent. 
3.   Record what you actually did each day using the “Actual” columns of the Log.
4.  Reflect on the following questions. 

a.  Were you satisfied with the way you spent your time?  Why or Why not?
b.  What distractions kept you from following through with your plans?
c.  Did you plan enough study time to complete assignments and readings for all of your class.  Why or why not?
d.  List the top five things you spent your time doing this week with the number of hours spent.
e.  What improvements will you make next week?

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Where can you find help?

Student success Services offers workshops on time management and other helpful study strategies. To find out more, clicks here:
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When making an appointment, select Student Success Services under ‘CHOOSE A SCHEDULE’.

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