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Math Placement Test

The Academic Placement Testing Program (APTP) is a cooperative program of Washington State public colleges and universities. Faculty from participating institutions have created the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) to help students, with the assistance of their academic advisers, select first-year mathematics courses for which they are best prepared. The program is managed by the Office of Educational Assessment on behalf of participating institutions.

Test Format

UW Bothell will offer and administer the test ONLY to admitted UW Bothell students. The On-Campus Math Placement Test offered throughout the year is a one-hour test. For the test session, allow approximately one and a half hours total to accommodate time for sign-in and instructions prior to the test. Pre-registration for the test is required.

On the day of the test, arrive at the testing center at your appointed time with your Receipt of Payment from the Cashier’s office, picture identification, and at least two sharpened #2 pencils. You do not need to bring calculators or other aids. Scratch paper will be provided for you.

UW Bothell will offer two test types to enable accurate placement of students with varying levels of academic preparation. Specific placement cutoffs reflect the content and difficulty level of each course. Students will choose their test based on the course in which they wish to enroll and their level of academic preparation.

  • The General Math Placement Test (MPT-G) is directed toward students who have less than three or four years of high school math and who will be entering pre-calculus or general college-level math classes.
  • The Advanced Math Placement Test (MPT-A) is directed toward students who have taken at least three or four years of high school math and who wish to enroll in Calculus. It covers Intermediate Algebra and Pre-Calculus I and II.

Schedule, Registration and Cost

The cost of the test is $20 and should be prepaid at the UW Bothell Cashier prior to the test. You will need to show your receipt for proof of payment during sign-in at your testing session.

Parking between 0 to 3 hours costs $3.00. Parking over 3 hours costs $6.00. Per visit parking costs must be purchased in advance at pay stations located in each of the parking garages. Additional information and directions to campus can be found here.

It is highly recommended you complete your Math Placement Test before you attend orientation.

For testing dates, and/or to register for a testing session, please click the button below.

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(UW Bothell will offer and administer the test ONLY to admitted UW Bothell students!)

If you require disability accommodations, please contact Disability Support Services at 425.352.5307 or e-mail, preferably at least 10 days in advance of the test date. The staff will be more than happy to assist you. Please be aware that you should be prepared to provide documentation of your disability in order to receive academic or testing accommodations.

Preparing for the Test

Sample problems have been developed to assist students in preparing for the test.

Alternate Testing Sites

For information regarding other test sites including UW Seattle and various community college around Washington State, please visit

To view the Seattle Campus testing center website, visit

*Please note that UW Bothell offers ONLY the General and Advanced tests. For most accurate placement in a math class at UW Bothell, if you take the test off site, please be sure to take one of these two tests, NOT the Intermediate test.


Students who wish to take the Math Placement Test a second time may do so On-Campus after a minimum wait of two weeks. Students who wish to test a third time must wait a minimum of one year.

If you still have questions, please call 425-352-5311 or 425-352-3427 for further information.

Test Scores and Class Placement for UW Bothell: Effective Autumn 2013

MPT - General
151 or above places the student in BCUSP 123 (Pre-calc)
150-147 places the student in BCUSP 122  (Algebra)
146 and under places the student in BCUSP 121

MPT - Advanced
163-154 places the student in BCUSP 124 (Calculus I)
153-145 places the student in BCUSP 123 (Pre-calc)
144 and under students will need to retake the MPT-General for appropriate placement

Scaled scores are created by "standardizing" the distribution of raw scores for each test so that it has a particular mean and standard deviation. Scale scores correct for minor differences in test difficulty and variability as new test versions are developed, allowing colleges and universities to use the same placement and college readiness cut scores for different versions of the same test. Without scale scores, variations in test difficulty would require institutions to set different cut scores each time a test version is introduced.