First Year and Pre-Major Program (formerly CUSP)

First Year Discovery

first year discovery



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Discovery Core is a seminar sequence that enables first-year students to begin fulfilling their UW General Education requirements. The three-quarter series engages new students in a process of experiencing the richness of integrated learning across a variety of academic disciplines, orients them to UW Bothell's culture, integrates and improves their academic skills, and supports their sense of belonging to peers and to the university.

FYPP Learning Goals

Inclusive Practices - Focuses on how best to deepen the richness of human experience- with its differences of race, gender, ability, religion, age, language, sexual orien-tation, and class.

Critical and Creative Inquiry - Joins reason and imagination to make, investigate, critique, and pursue meaning in the arts, humanities, and the social and natural sci-ences.

Ethics and Social Responsibility - Explores our connections with each other across cultures, languages, natural resources, and values.

Quantitative and Qualitative Literacies - Are complementary ways to understand problems, issues, and questions.

Communication - Is the process of written, oral, performative, and multimedia interaction that enables us to share ideas and practices.