Bachelor of Arts

All Culture, Literature & the Arts (CLA) Courses

A. Introduction to Culture, Literature & the Arts (CLA core courses)

Key: ** CLA listing dependent upon topic. 

BISCLA 318 Performance, Identity, Community and Everyday Life
BISCLA 380 Arts in Context
BISCLA 384 Literary and Popular Genres

B. Creative Writing 

BISIA 207 Introduction to Creative Writing: Words, Stories, Dialogues
BISIA 310 Creative Writing: Poetry
BISIA 311 Creative Writing: Prose
BISIA 410 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop

C. Art, Film, and Literary Histories 

BIS 206 Engaging Literary Arts
BIS 207 Shakespeare and Film
BIS 208 Experimenting through the Arts
BIS 209 Engaging Visual and Media Arts
BIS 212 Engaging Performing Arts
BIS 263 Literature into Film
BIS 301 Narrative Forms
BIS 309 History of Dance in Europe and America
BIS 321 Human Rights and the Arts
BIS 347 History of American Documentary Film
BIS 361 Studies in American Literature
BIS 370 Nineteenth Century American Literature
BIS 371 Twentieth Century American Literature
BIS 378 Languages of Poetry
BIS 379 American Ethnic Literatures
BIS 382 The Visual Art of Biology
BIS 383 American Art and Architecture
BIS 387 Women and American Literature
BIS 389 American Indian Literature
BIS 407 Children's Literature and Reader Response Criticism
BIS 465 Performance, History, and Memory
BIS 471 Women in Art
BIS 476 Issues in Art History
BIS 481 Modernism, Postmodernism, and American Literature
BISIA 230 Performing Arts Techniques
BISIA 240 Visual and Media Arts Techniques
BISIA 250 Photography as Art
BISIA 283 Interdisciplinary Art Techniques
BISIA 319 Interdisciplinary Arts
BISIA 340 Visual and Media Arts Workshop
BISIA 344 Video Art
BISIA 350 Photography and Digital Art
BISIA 383 Interdisciplinary Arts Workshop
BISIA 450 Image and Imagination
BISIA 483 Advanced Interdisciplinary Arts Workshop
BISIA 484 Arts Learning in the Community

D. Thought and Theory 

BIS 308 Issues in Philosophy and Culture
BIS 345 American Environmental Thought
BIS 357 Native American Religious and Philosophical Thought
BIS 452 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud
BIS 460 **Topics in Critical Theory

E. Culture Studies

BIS 203 History of InterArts
BIS 204 Introduction to Journalism
BIS 205 Technologies of Expression
BIS 216 Introduction to Cultural Studies
BIS 223 Introduction to Narrative Ethnography
BIS 233 Participatory Media Culture
BIS 235 Critical Media Studies
BIS 236 Introduction to Interactive Media
BIS 238 Language, Identity, Culture and Power
BIS 256 Introduction to African American Studies
BIS 260 Introduction to World Religions
BIS 264 Africa on Film
BIS 265 Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies
BIS 310 Women, Culture and Development (formerly offered under BIS 339)
BIS 313 Issues in Media Studies
BIS 314 **Topics in Geography
BIS 317 Language, Society and Cultural Knowledge
BIS 319 Education and Society
BIS 322 Topics in Performance Studies
BIS 325 Disability and Human Rights
BIS 329 **Topics in Mathematics Across the Curriculum
BIS 339 Issues in Global Cultural Studies
BIS 340 Approaches to Cultural Research
BIS 341 Topics in the Study of Culture
BIS 348 Cultural Psychology
BIS 351 Topics in American Culture
BIS 354 Modern European Intellectual History
BIS 372 Representation, Colonialism, and the Tropical World
BIS 373 Cultural History of Rome
BIS 375 Mexican Art and Culture
BIS 417 Paris: The City and Its History
BIS 418 Masculinity, Homoeroticism, and Queer Theory in America
BIS 424 Topics in American Studies
BIS 431 **Issues in Sexual Politics and Cultures
BIS 434 Psychology and the Visual Arts
BIS 440 **Topics in Everyday Social and Cultural Life
BIS 455 Literature and Sexuality
BIS 464 Topics in Advanced Cinema Studies
BIS 470 Art, Politics, and Social Change
BIS 474 Topics in European Cultural History
BIS 480 **International Study Abroad
BIS 485 **Topics in Cultural Studies
BIS 486 Studies in Women and Literature
BIS 487 Topics in American Literature
BIS 488 Topics in British Literature
BIS 491 **Topics in Policy Studies
BIS 496 **Community Service Project
BISAES 364 Public Memory and Dissent in American Culture
BISAES 367 Exploring American Culture: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
BISAES 368 Sex, Love, Romance
BISAES 369 American Culture and Mass Media
BISGWS 303 Approaches to Feminist Inquiry
BISMCS 234 **Media and Communication Techniques
BISMCS 333 Media and Communication Studies
BISMCS 343 **Media Production Workshop
BISMCS 471 **Advanced Topics in Media and Communication
BISMCS 472 **Advanced Media Production Workshop
BISSTS 397 ** Topics in Science, Technology, and Society
BISSTS 497 **Advanced Topics in Science, Technology, and Society
B EDUC 474 Global Englishes

F. Historical Epochs

BIS 266 United States History to 1865
BIS 267 United States History from 1865
BIS 323 History of Photography
BIS 402 Modern China