2017 Cultural Studies Research Conference

Master of Arts in Cultural Studies
Research Conference

Friday, May 19, 2017
University of Washington Bothell
Activities and Recreation Center, Upper Level

Folks Coming Together to Take Things Apart

What is Cultural Studies?

People get together to do stuff and make stuff. This is called culture. By getting together and doing culture, people make meaning and produce knowledge. The places people get together to make meaning are cultural sites. When Cultural Studies scholars locate these sites they question what function the meanings and knowledges serve. They use a variety of research methods to do this, such as ethnography, textual analysis, performance, and combinations of those methods. How meaning is made often reinscribes relationships of unequal power distribution. These relationships are maintained by establishing that a commonsensical understanding of the way things are (violent and exploitative) is indeed the natural course of human interactions. Part of this common sense is the construction of intersectional identities based on race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. and dispersing power and access to resources according to these strata. After locating where this work of making meaning and maintaining unequal power distribution occurs, we continue to investigate by re-situating ourselves and adopting new lenses. Often we discover there are counter narratives and embodied practices of resistance simultaneously happening. This tension between hegemony (common sense) and counter hegemony generates more knowledge and more meaning making.

The Cultural Studies practitioner ponders methods of intervention and praxis. These methods include uncovering ways of getting together to take care of each other and sharing what we’ve learned with our families and communities.

Program Schedule

Welcome and Introduction    9:00-9:15

Amoshaun Toft, Assistant Professor
Susan Harewood, Director, MA in Cultural Studies

Session 1:
Representation, Community, and Normalcy  9:15-10:15

Mary Jane H. Topash (Tulalip Tribes)
Exhibiting the (mis)representation of Indigeneity: A look at how Tulalip Tribes is combating stereotypes
Portfolio Advisor: Yolanda Padilla
Capstone Advisor: Nicole Robert

Claire Sandoval
Storytelling in English and Spanish as a method to understand social stigma in Peru
Portfolio Advisor: Julie Shayne
Capstone Advisor: Bejamin Gardner

Hung Yu “Mitch” Lai
Production of Hyper-Masculinity in Modern Video Games
Portfolio Advisor: Christian Anderson
Capstone Advisor: Amoshaun Toft

Noir Soulkin
So, You Want To Be Normal, Ey?
Portfolio Advisor: Bruce Burgett
Capstone Advisor: Lauren Berliner

Session 2:      10:30-11:30
Discourse, Equity, and Access

Alison K. Schmidt
Environmental Justice
Portfolio Advisor: Amoshaun Toft
Capstone Advisor: Shannon Cram

Namita Paul
ADHD Diagnosis and Experience: A Societal Perspective
Portfolio Advisor: S. Charusheela
Capstone Advisor: micha cárdenas
Second Reader: Shannon Cram

Krystal LE Reed
A Clubfoot Cure? Communities of Care and The Ponseti Discourse
Portfolio Advisor: Julie Shayne
Capstone Advisor: Benjamin Gardner

Lunch and Roundtable Discussions   11:30-12:30

Session 3:      12:45-1:45
Postcapitalist Politics and Embodiment

Katie Waller
Teaching and Transformation in Neoliberal Times
Portfolio Advisor: Kristin Gustafson
Capstone Advisor: S. Charusheela

Asaya Plumly
Actually, This Is Why We Play: Basketball as a Transformational and Transgressive Activity, or
"Leave Us the Fuck Alone": Basketball Beyond Contestation and into Collective Social Life

Obaachan: Waka Rodgers
Mother: Akemi Yonezaki
Portfolio Advisor: Jed Murr
Capstone Advisor: Susan Harewood

Ruth Sawyer
Centering Love in Finance: Returning the Heart to Economic Structures
Portfolio Advisor: Kari Lerum
Capstone Advisor: Christian Anderson

Kelly A. George
Embodying the Decolonization of Environmental Discourse
Portfolio Advisor: Amoshaun Toft
Capstone Advisor: Amy Lambert

Session 4:
Creative Resistance and Silenced Bodies  2:00-3:00

Victoria Wettmarshausen
"What color is your theory?" Solidarity building and the role of poetry in North American feminisms
Portfolio Advisor: Bruce Burgett
Capstone Advisor: micha cárdenas

Meshell Sturgis
Mixed Race Rebels in Comix
Portfolio Advisor: Susan Harewood
Capstone Advisor: Naomi Bragin

huda talaat sarhan
Unknown Narratives: Representation, Journalism, and a Lens through Oppression
Portfolio Advisor: Susan Harewood
Capstone Advisor: Karam Dana

Fishbowl Discussion     3:15-4:00

Reception      4:00-5:00

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