2012 Graduate Research Conference

Friday, May 18, 2012


University of Washington Bothell
North Creek Events Center


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Welcome and Refreshments


Emcee: Crispin Thurlow


Panel A: Challenging the Archetype


Moderator: Ben Gardner 

This panel is committed to proposing alternative discourses.  Be it in film, landscapes, community archives, or one’s own life story, we understand place to be a site of power in which archetypes are imagined or constructed.  We’re especially focused on challenging the meaning of these broader archetypes: loyalty, rural communities, the notion of home or belonging, and the femme fatale.  In doing so, we disrupt dominant cultural norms, create fractures in the narrative, and create spaces for new political possibilities.

Shana Hirsch   
Farming for a New Nation? Reframing the role of the crofter for an independent Scotland
Capstone Advisor: Ben Gardner
Portfolio Advisor: S. Charusheela

Lauren Dun   
Existing in an “In-Between” State: An Autoethnographic Search for Belonging in Hawaii
Capstone Advisor: Crispin Thurlow
Portfolio Advisor:  Ben Gardner

Ken Matsudaira   
Sansei Facing the Rising Sun: Negotiating Japanese imperialism in Nikkei archives
Capstone Advisor: Susan Harewood
Portfolio Advisor: Leslie Ashbaugh

Katie Grainger    
Tracing the Discourse of the Femme Fatale: A Literature Review
Capstone Advisor: Crispin Thurlow
Portfolio Advisor: Ron Krabill  




Panel B: Inclusion and Institutional Interventions


Moderator: Gray Kochhar-Lindgren

The feeling of exclusion can critically compromise an individual’s sense of belonging.  As is evident in any social environment, acceptance is one of the most important aspects of personal fulfillment and is constantly sought after.  This panel gathers personal narratives of Chinese international students and white collar Chinese immigrants in the Seattle area.  The issues discussed revolve around the social isolation at institutions of higher education and racism within the workplace.  These two studies examine exclusion by the mainstream and the desire for inclusion by those considered to be outsiders.  The studies also consider the institutional intervention needed for supporting these two underrepresented social groups.  The ultimate goal of the two studies is to have these social group’s voices be heard, call on the public’s attention, and seek a fair and inclusive environment for them.

Steve Will      
The International College Experience: East Asian Students in a Setting of Higher Education
Capstone Advisor: Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Portfolio Advisor: Ron Krabill

Nancy Will     
Contemporary Workplace Racism towards White Collar Chinese Immigrants in the Seattle Area
Capstone Advisor: Susan Harewood
Portfolio Advisor:  Leslie Ashbaugh




Panel C: Hybrid Bodies: Edges and Aesthetic Moves


Moderator: Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren

We have focused this panel on the body as living and breathing organism, moving and forming in relationship to others, be they object or flesh. We recognize knowledge production as ever changing and in need of interruption. We wish to make knowledge messy. Through conversation surrounding the self-published medium of the zine – hand constructed, touched and felt – and the interaction of able and dis-abled bodies – creating knowledge outside of language – we forward notions of knowing that exist outside of a “traditional” academic construct of knowledge. Through auto-ethnography and discourse analysis, we engage with critical cultural theory both within and outside of the academy. Our work is a production, a performance of movement that occurs in relationship to the hybrid body.  Our productions seek edges and cracked spaces through which the movement of multiple bodies act as suture between the known and the unknowable.  

Heath Davis   
Think, Feel, Touch, Do: Zines and the Archive of the "Living" Dead
Capstone Advisor:  Joe Milutis
Second Reader: Susan Harewood
Portfolio Advisor: Ben Gardner

Ari Roy  
Profound Cognitive Disability, Subjectivity, and Presentation
Capstone Advisor: Eric Stewart
Portfolio Advisor: Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren  

Closing Reception



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