Policies and Procedures

Degree Completion

Applying for the Master's Degree

Students must apply for the master's degree by the relevant deadline, and should select the non-thesis option.

Request the Master's Degree

All degree requirements must be met prior to the end of the final quarter of study if the application is to be approved. In addition, registration must be maintained for the entire quarter in which application for the degree is made. A student who does not complete all degree requirements by the last day of the quarter must be registered for the following quarter.

Note: the Graduate Registration Waiver Fee is not applicable to IAS Graduate Students.

Time Limit for Completion of Master's Degree

All work for the master's degree must be completed within six years. This limit includes On-Leave quarters and transfer credits.

Degree Completion Requirements

Required Courses

BCULST 500 – Formations of Cultural Studies (5 credits) Autumn
BCULST 501 – Cultural Studies as Collaboration (5 credits) Winter
BCULST 502 – Cultural Studies Research Practices (5 credits) Spring
BCULST 510 – Engaging Cultural Studies (5 credits) Autumn
BCULST 511 – Portfolio and Capstone Development (1 credit) Winter
BCULST 512 – Cultural Studies and its Publics (10 credits) Spring
*Total number of core course credits: 31

Elective Courses

  • Minimum number of elective credits: 29
  • Minimum number of BCULST elective credits, not including 520, 598, or 599: 10
  • Petition for outside coursework required for any non‐BCULST elective

Other Requirements

For a full list of program requirements see program timeline.