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2003 - 2004 Archived Speaker Series


A Peak Behind the Digital Curtain

Pauline Tso, Rhythmn & Hues

On May 24th Rhythmn & Hues Studios co-founder Pauline Ts'o revealed the details about what really happens behind the doors of a cutting edge visual effects/computer animation company. Recent studio projects included blockbusters such as "X-Men 2", "Elf", "Daredevil" and "Scooby Doo 2". In September 2002, Wired magazine named Rhythm & Hues one of the "Top 5 VFX Powerhouses. The studio's work on "The Sum of All Fears" was recognized by the Visual Effects Society with the 2003 award for Best Supporting Visual Effects in a Feature Film. Our thanks to Pauline for a wonderful lecture!

Multi-agents for Clinical Decision Support: IM-Agents and ERMA

Dr. Susan Mabry, Associate Director, Whitmore College

On April 6th, the CSS Speaker series hosted its fourth speaker for the year - Dr. Susan Mabry, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Whitmore College, in Spokane, Washington. Dr. Mabry spoke on the increasingly complex field of medical informantics. She detailed the process of establishing a project methodology, providing system infrastructure and the challenge of demonstrating meaningful diagnoses and intervention advise through a proof-of-concept application.

Lights, Camera, Animation! Making Animated Films at Pixar

Sanjay Bakashi, Graphics Software Engineer, Pixar


On February 3rd, CSS, UW Bothell and UW Alumni got a special look at behind the scenes action of Pixar Animation Studios, the small movie firm responsible for big blockbusters including "Monsters Inc." and "Finding Nemo". Pixar Graphics Software Engineer Sanjay Bakshi explained the studio's production pipeline--from story development and character creation to final image rendering--that brought these films to life. After the lecture, Mr. Bakashi stayed for an additional fourty minutes answering questions from the audience on a variety of topics ranging from the content of his lecture to successfully obtaining a job in computer graphics and animation. For further information please visit the UW Alumni Association's link below:

This event was sponsored by UW Bothell's Computing and Software Systems Program, ASUWB and UW Alumni Association.

On the Cutting Edge of Design and Information Technology

Pamela Drew, VP, Engineering and Information Technology, Boeing


On January 13th, the CSS Speaker Series welcomed Pamela Drew, VP, Engineering and Information Technology, Boeing, Phantom Works. Dr. Drew outlined the main technologies expected to drive the direction of design and use of information technology in aerospace in the coming 20 years. The lecture was attended by over 50 students from both Bothell and Seattle, alumni and community members.

Creating Digital Special Effects: A Look at the Matrix Reloaded

Andrew Pearce, Pipeline Supervisor for ESC Entertainment

On November 20th, Andrew Pearce, Pipeline Supervisor for ESC Entertainment, presented an overview of the digital special effects process at ESC Entertainment, the primary effects house for the MATRIX RELOADED and MATRIX REVOLUTIONS. The lecture was the first in the 2003 -2004 CSS Speaker Series. It was non-technical and focused on how effects shots are bid, story boarded, developed, refined and finally brought to completion. The various skills required at each stage was discussed, using examples from ESC's recent production of the MATRIX RELOADED to illustrate the shot development process. A combination of students and persons from the community attended.

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