CSS Labs

CSS Windows Laboratory

This is a drop-in laboratory that serves all CSS courses that require Windows software and to accommodate software, multimedia, and gaming development using Windows-based tools.

The lab has 14 Dell Precision T1500 computers (2.8GHz Intel Core i7 CPU, 4GB RAM, Windows 7) and 3 Dell Precision T3500 computers (2.67GHz Intel Xeon W3520 CPU, 6GB RAM, Windows 7). The T1500s are deployed in a "standard" dual-monitor desktop configuration, while the T3500s are configured to facilitate teamwork, with four monitors in a 2x2 configutation. 

There is also one machine housed in an "e-podium", along with a variety of audio-visual equipment, and connected to a ceiling-mounted data projector. The e-podium is used for seminars, tutorials, demonstrations, and group design reviews, as well as social activities sponsored by student organizations (such as movie and gaming nights). The Windows Laboratory also has hardware and software for interactive media development on its two XBox 360 consoles.

Software available on laboratory computers includes:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 software development environment, including the DirectX SDK, .NET Framework SDK 2, XNA Game Studio 4, and VisioModeler 3
  • BlueJ 2, Java JDK/JRE Version 6, Java3D
  • 68000 Editor, Assembler & Simulator 5 and EASy68K
  • Maple, SPSS, and Matlab mathematics and numerical computing environments
  • CLIPS and JESS expert systems shells
  • Adobe Suite CS3
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • A wide range of multimedia, internet, and other utilities.

Besides the computer and A/V equipment, the Windows Laboratory has a large white board and number of tables and comfortable chairs for group projects, discussions, homework, and quiet study.