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Computing and Software Systems provides a drop-in Linux lab in UW1-320. The room is accessible through id card access to all CSS department students. 15 workstations are available, with a wide variety of computational and productivity software installed.

Logging in

To log-in, use your Seattle Campus UW NetID and password. If you do not have an UW NetID, you will need to obtain one before you can log-on to the workstations.

Contact the IS help desk in LB2-218 or visit the Get your UW NetID page.

Once you have obtained your UW NetID and are enrolled in a CSS class you will be automatically given access to the Linux lab machines. If you are still unable to connect send mail to uwbstitl@uw.edu specifying your name, your student ID number, and your UW NetID.

If accessing the machines from the internet, connect to them in the same manner as other uniform-access machines such as Dante. Use PuTTY (SSH) if connecting from Windows, SSH Secure Shell, or other SSH2 client to connect to them and run command-line programs or to transfer files.

The Network address to connect to the machines is: uw1-320-lab.uwb.edu

If you wish to connect directly to a specific machine, use one of the hostnames. They are named from UW1-320-01 to UW1-320-15 (uwb.edu).

The default interface in the lab is Gnome, but KDE is also an option if you prefer.

NOTE: you have a 4GB disk quota for you home directory. This is generally plenty for homework. To check your usage, type "du -s ~" at a shell prompt.

NOTE: Please do not turnoff or unplug the machines either from power or the network. They are multiple use and your fellow students will often be working remotely. Also, they are in a multi-node configuration and may be in use as a cluster of processors.

Getting Help

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