CSS Labs

CSS Linux Laboratory

The CSS Linux Laboratory adjoins the Windows Laboratory and provides on-site and remote access to desktop and cluster Linux computing. The lab has 16 desktop workstations (Dell Optiplex 7010, 3.4GHz Intel i7-3770 , 16GB RAM, Ubuntu 12.10 Linux), with 12 deployed as individual desktop workstation and three configured to facilitate teamwork, with triple flat screen monitors and special furniture. The one remaining machine is housed in an "e-podium", along with a variety of audio-visual equipment, and connected to a ceiling-mounted data projector. The e-podium is used for seminars, tutorials, demonstrations, and group design reviews, as well as social activities sponsored by student organizations.

Linux Lab software includes:

  • A full GNU Compiler Collection installation
  • The KDE software development environment
  • Eclipse
  • Java JDK
  • A wide range of open source software, including GIMP, Xfig, Emacs, LaTeX, etc.
  • The Matlab numerical computing environment

Besides the computer and A/V equipment, the Linux Laboratory has a large white board and number of tables and comfortable chairs for group projects, discussions, homework, and quiet study.  The lab also has a small refrigerator and microwave, courtesy of the CSS program, for student use. Please follow the posted usage policy.

Linux Lab Resources