Registration & Waitlists

All waitlist forms are now CLOSED for autumn 2021 requests.

Undergraduate Registration Process

  1. Know your registration date and register early. Registration begins at 6:00 AM on your registration date.
  2. Contact your advisor before your registration date to double check that the classes you take will complete your degree requirements.
  3. Use the appropriate waitlist form if the class you want is full or you are not in a MAJOR that requires CSS courses. You can find these forms below.
  4. Contact if you have trouble registering for reasons other than the class being full. Please include:
    1. Your student ID number
    2. The SLN's (5-digit registration codes) of the courses you want to join
    3. A short description of the issue preventing your registration.​
  5. Audit your degree after registering. Click the "Refresh Audit" button in MyPlan to get your most recent audit and make sure your classes are fulfilling the correct requirements.

Registration Periods

Depending on what major or minor you are in, you might not be able to register right away. Students will be able to register themselves for courses according to the following schedule:

  • Registration Period I
    • CSSE, Applied Computing, and Computer Engineering students
    • Students in other majors that require specific CSS courses for their requirements (such as Electrical Engineering students and CSS 301)
  • Registration Period II
    • Newly admitted CSSE, Applied Computing, and Computer Engineering students who are attending transfer orientation sessions
    • Students who have CSS courses as approved elective options in their major requirements (such as Business MIS students and CSS 475)
  • Registration Period III
    • Students in CSSE and Information Technology minors can only be considered for registration after the orientations for new CSS majors are complete for the quarter. The last orientation is often held the week before the quarter starts.
    • Students in majors that do not require CSS coursework are only permitted to join a course on a space-available basis after all CSS major and minor students have been assisted.
    • Premajor students are not allowed to take upper division courses without permission from the CSS Division. Premajors with permission will be registered during Period III.

Discontinuing the waitlists

We manage the waitlists only until Friday of the first week of the quarter. After that, we discontinue the waitlists and open enrollment in CSS courses to all students who meet the course prerequisites. This is so students can register for any available seats over the weekend, when we are not available to assist.

After the first week of instruction is complete, students may only register with instructor permission. Contact the instructor directly and forward their message granting permission to us at, or have them contact us.

Note on CSS 301 (Technical Writing): Due to the structure of the course, students are required to attend the first class meeting, and need instructor permission to join if they miss it, even before the end of the first week of instruction.

Waitlist/Registration Request Forms

To access the forms, you must log in using your UW email address (including the “” part) and password. If Google does not recognize your account, then you can activate it by doing the following:

  1. Log into MyUW​.
  2. Scroll down to UW Resources and select Accounts, Identity, and Email.
  3. Under Email, and Accounts and Identity, select Email Forwarding.
  4. Select UW G Suite on the left side of the page.
  5. Under UW G Suite Account Information next to Account Status, click the Turn On link.

CSS MAJOR waitlist request

Use this form if you are in one of the following UW Bothell undergraduate majors (UW Seattle and Tacoma students should use the Non-Majors Request form below):

  • Computer Science & Software Systems (CSSE)
  • Applied Computing (AC)
  • Computer Engineering (CE)

Courses are added to this form after all seats have filled. We will only contact you when a seat becomes available, but you may also contact us anytime at to check your place on the waitlist.

The CSS MAJOR waitlists are primarily first-come, first-serve. If a seat becomes available for you during or after your registration period (see above), we will follow the instructions you indicated on the form or contact you to confirm.

Filling out a waitlist request does not guarantee registration. We strongly recommend that you register for backup courses while waiting to hear back.

This form is no longer accepting requests

NON-CSS MAJOR registration request

Please use this form if you are:

  • In a major other than CSSE, Applied Computing, or Computer Engineering (including other majors with CSS courses in their required curriculum)
  • In the CSSE or Information Technology Minor
  • A UW Seattle or UW Tacoma student
  • A graduate program student (including CSS programs)
  • A premajor student
  • A non-matriculated student

This form is primarily based on (a) whether you need it for your major or minor, (b) if you have tried to get into the class in previous quarters, and (c) how close you are to graduation. Courses are listed on this form even if they are not full, so please complete it as early as possible.

We will contact you in the week before the quarter begins to let you know whether or not there are any seats available for you.

Filling out a waitlist request does not guarantee registration. We strongly recommend that you register for backup courses while waiting to hear back.

This form is no longer accepting requests