Transfer Students

Notes regarding S/NS during the pandemic

In recognition of the extraordinary circumstances during the pandemic, the University of Washington has allows current students to retroactively change their numerical grades from any designated Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter (ECQ) to S/NS (Satisfactory / Non-satisfactory) grading instead.

Unlike in normal quartes, grades of 'S' still fulfill degree requirements and prerequisites for other courses.

How does this impact CSS admissions?

For entry into all undergraduate CSS major and minor programs:

  • Internal applicants may use courses in which they earned an 'S' grade from these quarters for any prerequisite needed to enter these programs.
  • Transfer applicants may use courses from these quarters in which they earned their institution's equivalent of a "Satisfactory", "Credit", "Pass", or similar grade for any prerequisite needed to enter these programs. The credit-granting institution's definition of these grades must indicate that the student would have earned at least a 2.0 if the class had been numerically graded.

Requirements for Admission

The table below lists the prerequisite courses and other requirements for the Applied Computing (AC), Computer Engineering (CompE), and Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) majors offered by the CSS Division. Because the UW course equivalency guides are given using UW Seattle course numbers, those are provided in the second column:

Prerequisite Course or Requirement UW Course Equivalent AC CompE CSSE
Programming I CSE 142 x x x
Programming II CSE 143 x x x
Calculus I MATH 124 x x x
Calculus II MATH 125   x x
Calculus III MATH 126   x  
Physics: Mechanics PHYS 121   x  
Physics: Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion PHYS 122   x  
English Composition ENGL 131 x x x
Advanced Composition ENGL 141, HCDE 231, or another advanced Composition course x   x
Fulfill the University Core Requirements x x x
Meet the CSS requirements for English language proficiency x x x

All of the above requirements for the major you are applying to (as denoted by the "x" in the table) must be completed prior to applying to the major. 

See the left-hand navigation bar for links to information regarding the application process and tables of community college equivalencies.

Important Notes

  • Applicants who have completed their programming prerequisites from an institution outside of Washington State will need to provide a course syllabus or course description listing the content of each course. CSS Faculty will review the syllabus or course descriptions to determine if the course is equivalent to the UW Bothell Programming I and II courses. (Course syllabi is preferred over course description). Applicants may contact the CSS office directly with information or questions about their programming prerequisites.
  • Please note that both Programming I and II must be taken in the same programming language. There is no requirement as to which programming language is used as long as the two courses are taught using the same programming language.
  • English Language Proficiency requirements for CSS Division majors may differ from those for General Admission to UW Bothell.