Current UWB Students

Notes regarding S/NS during the pandemic

2020 has been a difficult year for many students and for many different reasons. In recognition of this, the University of Washington has allowed students to change their spring 2020 through summer 2021 numerical grades to S/NS (Satisfactory / Non-satisfactory) grading instead.

Courses from these quarters in which students earn an 'S' grade will count for major-specific degree requirements. These courses also will count as the prerequisites for other courses, even if the other course would normally require a minimum numerical grade. This is in contrast to the normal University policy which indicates that S/NS grades cannot count for degree requirements other than the 180-credit minimum needed to earn an undergraduate degree.

How does this impact CSS admissions?

For entry into all undergraduate CSS major and minor programs:

  • Internal applicants may use courses in which they earned an 'S' grade from these quarters for any prerequisite needed to enter these programs.
  • Transfer applicants may use courses from these quarters in which they earned their institution's equivalent of a "Satisfactory", "Credit", "Pass", or similar grade for any prerequisite needed to enter these programs. The credit-granting institution's definition of these grades must indicate that the student would have earned at least a 2.0 if the class had been numerically graded.

If you are currently enrolled at the University of Washington Bothell and wish to apply to a major offered by the CSS Division, please view the information below.


The table below lists the prerequisite requirements for the Applied Computing (AC), Computer Engineering (CompE), and Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) majors offered by the CSS Division:

Course AC CompE CSSE
CSS 142: Fundamentals of Computing x x x
CSSSKL 142:  Fundamental Programming Skills x x x
CSS 143: Programming Methodology x x x
CSSSKL 143: Programming Methodology Skills x x x
STMATH 124: Calculus I x x x
STMATH 125: Calculus II   x x
STMATH 126: Calculus III   x  
B PHYS 121: Mechanics   x  
B PHYS 122: Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion   x  
B WRIT 134:  English Composition x x x
B WRIT 135:  Advanced Composition* x   x

All of the above prerequisites for the major you are applying to (as denoted by the "x" in the table) must be completed prior to applying to the major.  

We also recommend Computer Engineering major applicants take the following courses prior to applying:

  • B CHEM 143 and 144:  General Chemistry (or CHEM 142 at UW Seattle)
  • B WRIT 135:  Advanced Composition (or ENGL 182 at UW Seattle)
  • STMATH 307:  Differential Equations (or MATH 307 at UW Seattle)
  • STMATH 308:  Matrix Algebra (or MATH 380 at UW Seattle)
  • STMATH 324:  Multivariable Calculus (or MATH 324 at UW Seattle)

2.0 is the minimum grade required to receive credit for a prerequisite course but is not considered competitive.  For more information regarding admission to the program, please see a FYPP Adviser or STEM Admissions Liaison (please send email to

*You may substitute another Advanced Composition or Introductory Technical Writing course for B WRIT 135.


Internal Application for Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) and Applied Computing (ACMPT)

Note that you must be logged in with your UW NetID to fill out the application. You may need to open an incognito window within your browser.


See the Application Deadlines for Undergraduate Majors page.

Selection Criteria

Enrollment and admission into the majors offered by the CSS Division is highly competitive. The admissions committee uses a holistic approach when reviewing applications and takes into account, academic performance (GPA in prerequisite courses, overall GPA, grade trend, repeated courses), activities outside the classroom, and the personal statement.

Important Items

  • Applicants with prerequisite courses in progress will be considered on a space-available basis. The Admissions Committee may wish to consider all grades before making an offer of admission.
  • If you have taken the Calculus or Programming prerequisite courses at an institution other than UWS/UWT/UWB, you will need to attach your unofficial transcript to the application.
  • Please note that if you take a 3 credit Intro to Technical Writing (at a local community college) or HCDE 231 (at UWS) you may be required to take an additional 2 credits of Compostion/Writing to satisfy graduation requirements.
  • All applicants for whom English is a non-native language must provide proof of English language proficiency. For options to satisfy English language proficiency please see here. Please keep in mind requirements may differ from those for General Admission to UWB.