How do I apply?

Each undergraduate degree has different requirements.  Please see the links below for more information:

How many students are admitted per year?

We currently admit 235 undergraduates each year: 155 in Autumn quarter, 45 in Winter quarter, and 35 in Spring Quarter.

Is there a minimum GPA for an applicant to be considered? 

No, however admission to our majors is competitive.

What is the committee looking for in an application?

Decisions regarding admission will be reviewed holistically by committee. In addition to being academically competitive (in prerequisite courses), the committee will consider grade trend, personal statement, retakes of prerequisite courses, etc. when making admissions decisions. The admissions committee will be paying close attention to grades in programming and math courses. Students should explain any repeats of prerequisite courses, drops in GPA, and/or extenuating circumstances that have affected their grades in the personal statement or additional information.

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What makes UW Bothell's CSS Division unique?

The Computing and Software Systems Division has an innovative and broad approach to the computer science and software engineering. Our curriculum draws heavily on computer science, with an emphasis on relevant project management and business concepts. This multidisciplinary approach to our curriculum enables students to develop a wide range of competencies, including oral and written communication and management skills. In addition to small class sizes students are able to begin reseach with faculty as soon as the enter the program. 

Before graduating, CSSE students must complete a ten credit Capstone.  Students may choose from four different project options: an internship with a business, conducting research with a faculty member, an individual project, or a group project.  Throughout the process, students apply the principles and skills learned in the classroom to real-world situations. This makes our graduates well prepared to begin high-tech jobs in any industry due to the breadth of our interdisciplinary curriculum, making them particularly valued in today's marketplace.

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How many students are in the CSS Division?

There are currently 682 undergraduate students enrolled in the CSS Division.

Does the CSS Division have a Facebook page?

Yes, we do!

For more information about Computing & Software Systems, please email