Digital Future Lab


Executive Director - Jason Pace


Jason spent 15 years at Microsoft focusing on human-computer interaction, user experience design and game development. He was recently a Creative Director and Lead Producer for the Halo franchise on Xbox,  dividing his time between developing new intellectual property with external studios and leading internal projects to grow the franchise in new directions. Prior to Jason’s work on Halo, he led the product design teams for Microsoft Casual Games, focusing on game design, social features and metagame development.  Jason is especially passionate about developing new talent and finding opportunities to apply game design principles to other educational environments.

In addition to Jason’s decade in the games industry he has a long history of connected experience design, with an emphasis on user experience and human-computer interaction. His interest in HCI initially attracted him to game design and has drawn him to projects that present unique interaction challenges.  Jason is excited to bring his experience to DFL. He looks forward to working with students to grow their professional skills, and to working with faculty to explore ways for game design to support pedagogy and student learning.


Assistant Director - Aina Braxton


Aina Braxton is the Assistant Director and Lead Producer at the Digital Future Lab. She graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with her B.A. in Law, Economics, and Public Policy and a minor in Human Rights. Aina rocks development schedules and product design with as much skill as she directs workshops and strategy sessions.

Aina seved as a UW Bothell Community Based Learning and Research Fellow in 2013 - 2014 and presented research on gesture based UI systems at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts 2015. She is responsible for creating Diversity Discourse a curriculum that teaches the basics in diversity, equity, and inclusion topics, terminology, and best practices which is taught as part of the DFL internship. Aina models an empathy centered approach to team dynamcis, placing value on the relational over the transactional to build stronger teams, better products, and inspire more agents of change.