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Updated: September 8, 2020

These actions are required for all employees, whether they are working in critical sites or making occasional trips to campus to pick up mail or supplies.

  • Get training: All employees must complete the 20-minute online training video on COVID-19 prevention developed by UW Environmental Health & Safety. After you finish viewing, you and your (Workday) supervisor will receive emails confirming that you have completed the required training.
  • Complete the attestation in Workday to confirm you do not have COVID-19 symptoms. This must be done by every person every day you visit campus.
  • Wear a mask when on campus.
  • Follow hygiene protocols and physical distancing protocols outlined in safety training and the Site Prevention Plan.

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Although this moment is marked with uncertainty about our immediate future and many are fearful about the spread of COVID-19, this ambiguity and fear are not an excuse for racism and xenophobia towards any member of our community.

If you experience or witness a bias incident, please report it to the UW Bothell Bias Reporting System.

UW Bothell bias report form

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