COVID site plans for UW Bothell

University of Washington COVID-19 Prevention Plan

The University has officially launched the University of Washington COVID-19 Prevention Plan. This plan is required by the State to help ensure the health and safety of personnel by reducing the potential for COVID-19 transmission at the University of Washington. The measures in the plan were developed under the Governor’s Safe Start requirements, the regulatory directives of the state Department of Labor and Industries, and guidance from public health agencies. It covers all work sites. The plan is a “living” document that will be updated as regulations and public health guidance change.

Each campus or college of the University of Washington is required to develop a COVID-19 Prevention Plan. All COVID-19 Prevention Plans are required to include plans for:

  • Maintaining social and physical distancing
  • Procedures for sick personnel, symptom monitoring, reporting and response
  • Practicing good hygiene
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and alternative strategies
  • Communication and training

The UW Bothell campus has submitted its COVID-19 Prevention Plan and has designated COVID-19 site supervisors* to ensure all elements of the unit-specific COVID-19 Prevention Plan are followed.

*A COVID-19 site supervisor is a personnel supervisor, principal investigator or designee who is assigned and has the authority to monitor and enforce COVID-19 health and safety requirements and address questions and concerns from personnel. COVID-19 site supervisors are expected to keep unit and site-specific plans current with changes to COVID-19 guidelines, regulations and University policies. COVID-19 site supervisors (or designees) should be available during work and class activities.

Returning to campus

The return to our campus has happened in phases. While the move to remote work and classes was across-the-board and immediate, the move to having more employees working in-person on all UW campuses has been both phased and specific to each unit’s circumstances.

Visit the University of Washington's Recovery Status webpage for details on the phased return to normal operations. The Governor's office has also produced a Campus Reopening Guide.