February 2021

UW Bothell Community Communications

Communications sent in February 2021:

February 22, 2021  |  Standing against racism and hate

Dear UW Bothell community,

A year ago this month, UW President Ana Mari Cauce posted a pointed message on her blog, taking a strong stand against xenophobia and racism in the early days of the pandemic after the novel coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan, China.

In the last year, hateful rhetoric that blames a worldwide human health crisis on the place it was first discovered continues. What’s more, news media continue to report on individual incidents and on rising levels of violence against the Asian diaspora community.

Just in recent weeks, in fact, a rash of such violence has taken place across the country.

As the UW Bothell chancellor and as a person of Asian descent, I renew my public stand against hate, fear, prejudice and ignorance and ask you to join me.

The University’s leadership stands with the Asian diaspora community in its condemnation of these violent acts, as well as the mindset leading to them. I unequivocally reaffirm our commitment to embracing diversity and to creating a welcoming environment at UW Bothell.

I also write specifically to recognize the often unseen and unacknowledged harm that xenophobia and racism continue to cause members of our campus community.

There is no fast fix to problems that long predate the events of 2020. Consistent expressions of solidarity along with renewed institutional actions are required in the face of hate and bigotry.

As I write this, plans are being made to create some safe moments of community and reflection through the Student Diversity Center. In smaller spaces both physical and virtual, I know members of the faculty and staff are also reaching out to each other and to students to connect, to listen and to think hard about what can and must happen next to make our communities safer.

I am also charging the UW Bothell Diversity Council to work with me and my leadership team to prepare and promote a campus Anti-Racism Statement. It is my hope that such a statement will not only elevate our commitment to justice but that it will also guide our programmatic and policy initiatives in regard to racial equity on campus.

In a December message, I outlined a number of new investments the campus is making more broadly to address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. I know there is still more to do, but I want to update you on the critical new leadership position I announced as it will help lead the campus forward in this work. The search for our new assistant vice chancellor for Diversity & Equity is progressing, and we are confident that we will have this role in place before the end of the academic year.

I know we all process events like these in our own ways, but please do not hesitate to reach out for help if you need it.

Students can seek direct assistance through the Student Diversity Center, the Care Team, the Counseling Center and Campus Safety. Faculty and staff can seek assistance through CareLink and Campus Safety. Helpful information is also available for everyone on the Diversity at UW Bothell webpage.

In solidarity,

Bjong Wolf Yeigh, Ph.D., F.ASME
Chancellor and Professor of Engineering

February 11, 2021 | Winter weather & suspended operations

This is a general reminder to ensure our community is prepared for the possibility of severe  weather  that could require the University of Washington Bothell to temporarily suspend nonessential operations.

This winter, with the University already in modified operational status due to COVID-19, the potential effect of a temporary suspension of nonessential operations due to weather conditions may be minimized because many employees will be able to continue working from their alternative work locations.

The decision to suspend nonessential operations on the UW Bothell campus is made independently based on the prevailing conditions on campus. If operations are suspended, here are the methods we use to communicate with campus:

  • UW Alert (text and email messages)  
  • Alertus desktop notification system  
  • UW Bothell website: www.uwb.edu  
  • UW Bothell’s emergency website & blog:  www.uwb.edu/emergency (The blog is updated frequently when an incident on campus occurs.)
  • UW Bothell Facebook page: www.facebook.com/uwbothell  
  • www.Twitter.com (@uwbothell)  
  • UWB Advisory email list  
  • UW Bothell information line: 425-352-3333   

Nonessential employees

Under current COVID-19 modified operations, the majority of the University’s faculty, staff and student employees (defined in policy as nonessential to on-campus operations) are teleworking. If UW Bothell temporarily suspends nonessential operations due to severe weather or for other reasons, employees who are teleworking should continue to do so during suspended operations. Those who cannot telework or are unable to continue teleworking due to weather-related impacts (e.g. power outage) or changes in telework circumstances as a result of operational suspension should follow the UW Suspended Operations Policy. 

Essential employees 

Employees identified by their unit as performing an essential service — and who must come to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic — are required to report to work during any period of declared suspended operation.

Students & instructors 

If UW Bothell temporarily suspends nonessential operations due to severe weather, classes that are being taught remotely should continue to do so during suspended operations. Instructors who are unable to teach remotely due to weather-related impacts should communicate directly with students and provide alternatives as appropriate. Students who are unable to participate remotely due to weather-related impacts should similarly communicate with their instructors.  In-person instruction will not meet on campus during suspended operations. Instructors currently teaching in person should communicate in advance with students about expectations for remote instruction or alternative class assignments.  

UW Bothell Advisory 

A UW Bothell Advisory message will also be sent in the event of suspended operations on the UW Bothell campus. NOTE: If you don’t already receive UW Alert and UW Bothell Advisory messages for important updates about emergencies or weather-related notices by text and/or email,  click here to subscribe or update your settings.

If you have questions about Human Resources practices during suspended operations and inclement weather, please contact Organizational Excellence & Human Resources For assistance with business continuity planning, please contact UW Emergency Management. 

S. Gowri Shankar
Interim Vice Chancellor for Planning & Administration